Call for entries
Deadline: 30 April 2010


Watumi Festival & Fringe
Brasov, Romania – July 2009

Whether you are a musician, plastic artist, actor, dancer,
photographer, draftsman or film director, you have the chance, this
summer, to be seen and appreciated. For both debutants and established
artists, Watumi Festival & Fringe represents an opportunity to ensure your
message is heard by everyone. We’ve prepared a place for you to showcase,
a place where the product of your creativity is appreciated and promoted.

Watumi Festival & Fringe is the first festival that, last year, introduced
the concept of Fringe to Romania, promoting all forms of artistic
manifestation. First and foremost, Fringe is a state of mind. At the
beginning there were eight daring theatre groups that changed the rules of
the game, gate crashing the famous and elitist Edinburgh International
Theatre Festival. That happened in 1947. The concept of Fringe festival
was born, a festival open to anyone to express themselves artistically.

With Watumi Festival & Fringe we want to create a flexible platform of
interaction between the general public and art.

Brasov is the city hosting the second edition of Watumi Festival & Fringe.
A dose of authentic art always goes well with a breath of fresh air.
Planned in the first half of July, Watumi has the objective of
transforming the public space into a huge artistic stage covering the
following sections:

• Theatre and Street Theatre (held in both classical spaces and
unconventional or open spaces)
• Music
• Film (short film, documentary, animation)
• Visual art (painting, photography, installations, illustrations, comic
strips, etc…)
• Urban art
• Object design & Handmade
• Children art

Alongside shows and exhibitions that can be included in the above list we
welcome any suggestions for artistic workshops and interactive activities
or ideas for our “Watumi Nights” parties and Artists Parade (held on the
first day of the event).

The festival organiser, The Association for Support and Promotion of
Artists (ASPA) is welcoming you with all your courage and freedom of

Your place is amongst us, alongside other artists from Romania and other
countries. Go to and register for the Fringe section before
30th April 2010!

You can find more information on

Watumi Festival & Fringe is an annual event included in the international
Fringe festival circuit alongside well known festivals such as Edinburgh
(Scotland), Adelaide (Australia), Avignon (France) and Dublin (Ireland)

We welcome you!