Call for entries
Deadline: 15 October 2010

digital matter(s)
Exhibition December 3 – 31, 2010 – Saranac Art Projects in Spokane, WA.

Saranac Art Projects is now accepting submissions to “digital matter(s)”, an international exhibition featuring art works that reflect the inherent qualities of digital media.

Exhibition is scheduled December 3 – 31, 2010 at Saranac Art Projects in Spokane, WA.
Submission deadline: Oct 15, 2010

After reviewing submission materials, selected artists will provide only the digital files intended for output. Upon installation, the files will be realized as images or sound, depending on the individual works and the intended media of the works. All digital prints will be printed on the same media and will be hung in the same manner. Videos will either be projected or seen through a monitor depending on preference. Web works will be displayed either on large screen monitor or projection. Sound will be exhibited in stereo.

Size limitations on printed works: maximum size – 44″ x 48″, no minimum size.

Based on the concept of this exhibition, limitations to interactive systems and media installation works do apply.

Acceptable works include:

Digital Print/still images
Single channel video/animation
Two-channel or three-channel video/animation
Stereo sound works
Web-based works
Phone Apps, or other programming based works that can be available for download or set up for use

This exhibition is also about the themes and discussion surrounding the use of digital data in the creation of art. The artist must understand the concept and be willing to allow the work to be exhibited within the above parameters. The subsequent prints, dvds, or any play-back files developed in order for the work to be experienced will not be sent on to the artist at the close of the exhibition. If you would like to sell the work, provide pricing information. In the event that a piece does sell the artist will receive full payment and the print or dvd will go to the buyer.


A $15 submission fee, funds will go to the expenses of exhibiting the works. One time fee, can submit as many works as you like.

pay here:

Please send samples of work as an attached pdf, files, links/ urls, cv & statement and your paypal payment confirmation number to the following address:

You will be notified by email about curatorial selections.

Jenny Hyde is a new media artist as well as a professor of art at Eastern Washington University. She has taught digital media for three years and has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally. This curatorial project is part of on-going research regarding the use of digital tools and media within a contemporary fine arts and cultural context.

Saranac Art Projects is a non-profit artist cooperative designed to support and educate artists and their community while inspiring a vibrant contemporary art culture. Located in Spokane, WA, SAP brings together artists and curators that represent the diversity of thought in the Inland Northwest.