Call for entries
Deadline: 5 December 2010

Re-New Digital Art Festival
17-22 May 2011 – Copenhagen/DK

Submissions of artworks and performance proposals for re-new 2011 must be anonymous (free of author identification marks) and is done by completing the online submission form and uploading a pdf document containing work description together with a brief description of technical requirements. Media files should be made available via yousendit, vimeo, soundcloud or similar, and be sure to include the url in your submission form. Contact us if you need to send physical media by regular mail. We do not accept submission materials as email attachments.

A number of installations will be set up in various spaces. Installations may be physical objects, video and/or sound projections, or combinations thereof. Include space requirements with your submission.

Club performance
This category is if you want to propose a concert or a large part of a performance for experimental electronic performances at re-new’s club venues. Performers of all and any style are encouraged. Selected performers will be given sets of 15-45 minutes, and venues will accommodate multi-channel sound and video. If your work requires a quiet atmosphere, then you should consider submitting under the concert works category.

Evening concert
This category is for live music to be performed in concert hall or similar. Submissions can be interactive works for acoustic instruments and electronics, electroacoustic works with a performer, groups of players, and interfaces of the game type, robots etc. Video is welcomed as part of the work, and performance venues will accommodate 4 and 5.1 channel works and one or more video projectors. Performers are available for concert works, drawn from Danish and foreign ensembles.

Experimental video works will be screened at all events, and emphasis is on future forms of the moving image. Submissions can include experimental films, 2D and 3D animations, linear and non-linear narrative image sequences, mobile and innovative screen formats, split- and/or multiple-screen arrangements. Modes of individual and collective interaction may be included.

Acoustic Architecture
This category concerns the special sonic properties of connected physical and virtual spaces. The particular nature of this category is described on this page.

Practical details
All submission will be evaluated by an international jury in a double-blinded reviewing process. We will announce selected works by Monday December 31 2010, and final program will be made public Monday January 20 2011. If you require notification information sooner (for funding applications, for instance), please contact us to inquire about possible early notification.

Note: You must complete the online registration form prior to mailing works. All works need to have their unique submission code on the outside of the package. re-new may provide funding for selected artists.