Call for entries
Deadline: ongoing until 30 June 2011

Translocated is a new platform for research and artistic practices centred around urban space and the interface between spatial reality / imaginary.

The purpose of Translocated is to encourage experimentation, exchange, reflection and discussion across artistic practices dealing with space and psychogeography.

Call for entries:

Translocated is accepting submissions including (but not limited to):

* installations
* moving-image
* performance and live art
* photography
* site-specific
* essays and text
* interactive, web-based projects
* cross-platform projects

Translocated does not currently accept the following types of projects:

* music projects
* community projects
* student projects
* commercial projects

Translocated aims to launch a yearly web exhibition in the first instance. All successful works will be featured on the Translocated website. Every project will benefit from a dedicated webpage with the possibility of hosting images, videos and other files relevant to the project, as well as an artist page where the artist can share their vision, practice and how their work corresponds to the enquiries of this critical platform.

The web exhibition will be announced to a network of academic and artistic institutions inviting visitors to participate to a critical forum as part of its opening period. All successful works will then continue to form part of an archive of yearly curated exhibition.

Translocated will host a biennial exhibition in a location to be announced in due course. A list of works will be curated from all accepted entries from the two previous years submissions.
The exhibition will present selected projects installed according to the specifications defined by the artists, and be accompanied by a programme of events and activities.

Translocated welcomes submissions from all sectors of the community. Please email if you require this information in a different format.
An acknowledgement of submission will be sent no longer than 7 days after receipt. Artists will be advised of the decision by email within 12 weeks of submission date.This decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

Criteria for successful Translocated projects:

– a developed, critical reasoning driving the project
– a realisable project
– relevance to the ideas behind Translocated

In order to be considered, each entry must be accompanied by a completed, signed and dated entry form, and must have all required information/materials required. Submissions are to be sent strictly by email to
Any completed entry is definitive and non retractable.

Fees, costs and postage / freight

Tranlocated does not offer funding for the production of projects. We regret that no fee may be payable to the artist for the inclusion of their work in the Translocated project.

Unless otherwise specified, any postage or transport costs that arise as the result of the artist’s participation in the Translocated project will be at the artist’s expense. No responsibility will be accepted for lost / damaged goods.

Copryright and promotion

The artist’s copyright will not be affected by the inclusion of their work in the Translocated project — all artists will retain full copyright to their works. Any inclusion of the project in Translocated is purely for cultural and/or artistic purposes, and not for any commercial intent.

By submitting their work, the artist declares all information provided is true and that their work is original and does not infringe any third parties copyright.

By submitting their work, the artist grants non-exclusive permission to Translocated to showcase the work and allow the work exist as part of the online archive. The artist agrees to inform Translocated if the work is shown in other contexts.

By submitting their work, the artist agrees to their project participates in the bi-yearly exhibition and associated activities.

The artist agrees to the use of their images for the project’s promotional purposes: flyers, invitation cards, website, and for press information. Translocated shall fully credit the copyright holders of the Artwork and any photographic material supplied by displaying the wording specified by the Artist.

Translocated reserves the right to market and promote the Artwork at no cost to the Artist and shall have the right to use information about the Artwork, including an image from the Artwork, in all media including, without limitation, television, internet, printed advertising and publicity material provided that such information has been approved by the Artist, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed.

In the instance where Translocated receives any financial grant or sponsorship, this support goes towards the production of Translocated which is a not-for-profit platform. In the case of commercial interests and sales, Translocated recoupement clause will apply.

In order to be considered, each entry must contain the following elements:

* Artist biography / CV
* Artist portrait (hi-res JPEG)
* A completed entry form
* project proposal (1 side A4 maximum)
* visual references for project (min 3 hi-res images or 1 min clip or pdf)
* If relevant, additional project documentation may be uploaded and a URL sent (e.g. via an online video sharing platform)

Any material in foreign language must be accompanied by a translation or subtitles in English.