Call for entries
Deadline: 15 March 2011

Emergeandsee Media Arts Festival
May 2011 – Berlin

»En Détail« (english version)
Attention shifts. We are fascinated by he smallest detail and by the whole big thing. Within the framework of time and space, the appropriate scale is in demand: between big, small and very small – global, local and medial. In order to take a stand we focus on things, we watch and we listen very carefully. Our senses must be adjusted and sharpened. Moments, fragments, bagatelles at the fringes, how do we detect such details? And how do they change perception itself?

The engagement with detail is inseparably connected to the medial vehicles, which help us to detect and capture it. They zoom, amplify, enlarge and if nothing else, offer the possibility to reflect the change of perception caused by these very vehicles.

Understanding and generating of meaning are integral processes, in which time and again, the whole issue is understood out of the detail and the detail out of the whole issue. Hence, understanding means to relate the detail to its context.

Do we find a mirror of the whole lot within the detail? Is the devil in the details? Do the details bear the possibility of understanding the functioning of the world? Or does the unifying element disappear and do we get lost in fragments?

What do we get, if we deconstruct structures, combine details newly or reconstruct them in new contexts? What do we reject? What do we keep? What do we exclude? What do we create? What does then arise in the whole lot?

Search, find, get bewildered, extract and compose anew!

The EMERGEANDSEE Media Arts Festival 2011 opens the big stage for the small details: In Films, lectures and an exhibition, people can express themselves by contributing their detail to the EMERGEANDSEE-microcosm. The festival is looking for contributors in all three sections.

The exhibition and artistic pieces will put our world together anew. This includes acoustic as well as visual compositions that toy around with details. No boundaries should restrict the artistic medium: performances, sound productions for the “audio-cinema”, visual artistic works, video installations, cross-medial works, etc. all contribute to a limitless outcome.

Within the lectures, thinkers and makers from diverse areas (social & cultural sciences, media and art, etc.) will gather. Here, we are looking for new theories and ideas presented via short lectures. This concerns people from a position in the academic world and others that have no professional stance regarding media – all are welcome.

Within the short film competition, innovative feature films, animations, documentaries and experimental worlds of images from around the globe will explore the topic of the detail in the eye of the jury and the audience.

Section exhibition: audio/visual installation, pictures, performances

Section lectures: 20-minute contributions leaving some room for discussion and exchange

Section film: short films up to 20 minutes long

Submissions for all sections until 15.03.2011 under: