Call for entries
Deadline: 30 May 2011

1st Sestriere Film Festival
International Festival of Maintain Film
6 – 13 August – Sestriere (Torino)/Italy

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“Sestriere Film Festival – from the olympic mountain…
a view on the world” is an international movie event organized by the Montagne Italia Association. Documentaries, animation movies,
short and full lenght movies dedicated to the “Highlands of the world” are admitted to the competition.
The themes are: mountain, alpinism, protection of the environment, nature.
Since its first edition, the festival amis to turn into a great international contest and to involve public opinion and institutions.


Art. 1 – The Association Montagna Italia organizeS the 1st Edition of the Sestriere Film Festival.
The Festival is open to filmmakers and producers (companies, associations, individuals) who can send short, medium and full length
documentary and fiction documentary works.
The competition is open to works about the
mountain’s environment and culture and
those showing the traditions of the people
living in mountain areas, with particular
attention for alpinism, nature, and environment.
The movies admitted to the competition must
have been produced after January 1st, 2005.

Art. 2 – Each filmmaker can send one or more works.
Art. 3 – The Festival will take place in the Grand Hotel Sestriere, located in via Assietta, 1, Sestriere (Torino) from August
6th to august 13rd 2011.
The films admitted will be screened according to a schedule decided
by Festival Direction Board.

Art. 4 – The Organizing Committee appoints
both the Selection Committee, which is in
charge of film admission to the competition
and whose decision is final, and the Jury, in
charge of awarding the prizes to the films.

Art. 5 -The selected films will be judged by a
Jury that will award the following prizes:
1° prize Olympic Mountain
2° prize Olympic Mountain
3° prize Olympic Mountain
Jury or the Organizing Committee could
assign eventual other prizes.

Art. 6 – Works submitted to selection must be
sent in DVD format together with the entry
form to:
Associazione Montagna Italia – Via Zelasco,
1 – 24122 Bergamo, Italy
Deadline for applications is May 30th 2011.
No exceptions will be made.

Art.7 – Copies of the works sent for selection
can not be replaced or collected for any reason.
Exceptions will be made only by the Festival
Direction Board in the sole of the event.
The following material must be attached
to the entry form:
– Complete Technical and artistic description
– Synopsis translated into Italian
– Filmmaker bio and filmography
– Pictures from the film (colour or black
and white, in digital format) and the
authorization to publish them for free in
the Festival catalogue and to give them to
the press.
– Author’s portrait picture.
The following material can also be attached:
– Director’s statement or interview and
discussion about the film and its making of.
– Articles and reviews about the film
– Posters and other promotional material

Art. 8 – After June 15th, 2011, the Festival
staff will inform the selected filmmakers
about the possible date of their work’s screening.
Art. 9 – Expenses for shipment and insurance
of the works are in charge of the filmmakers
or producers.

Art. 10 – Filmmakers and producers are
required to authorise the publication of their
personal data on the web-site, the official
festival catalogue and their release to the
press for promotional purposes.

Art. 11 – Filmmakers and producers authorise
the screening of the selected works, the
airing of extracts of their films (up to 30
seconds on TV or on-line) for event promotional

Art. 12 – Donations of works by filmmaker
and producers participating in the Festival to
set up the Sestriere Film Festival Motion
Pictures Library is compulsory.
Works submitted for selection will not be

Art. 13 – Participation in the contest implies
the full acceptance of the Festival rules and

Art. 14 – The Organizing Committee is in
charge of possible disputes or cases not foreseen
by the Festival rules and regulation

Sestriere Film Festival

teamitalia s.r.l.
24122 Bergamo – Via Zelasco, 1
Tel. 035.237323 – Fax 035.224686