Call for entries
Deadline: 9 April 2011

1-8 of October 2011 – Patras/Greece

The Organizing Committee of Patras International Film & Culture Festival – 13th International Panorama – has officially started accepting submissions from directors who wish to participate and present their work in Patras. Our goal this year is to exceed any previous records of participating directors. The deadline date is the 9th of April 2011.

In light of organizing our upcoming Panorama, 1-8 of October 2011, the Organizing Committee invites every independent filmmaker to join us.

If you are interested in taking part you can fill in the submission form which can be found on our website under the following link

For any further information, please forward your e-mails to:

Your films should also meet the following requirements:

Entry Rules

a) Documentaries up to 60 minutes
b) All films should have been made within the last three years (2009-2010-2011)
c) Every film should be either the first or second for each director.
d) Short films up to 25 minutes
e) All foreign movies (even English language ones) must have have English subtitles.
f) DVD formats only accepted
g) There is no time limitation for animation, video art and experimental films

The following film categories are accepted:

· Short Films
· Documentaries
· Animation
· Video Art
· Video clips
· Video Dance
· Mobile movies

Please note that there are two different competition sections: International and Greek.

Having completed thirteen consecutive, creative years, Patras International Panorama remains a Film Festival with no preliminary committees; no censorship or control, yet continues to be competitive. Its ambition is to become a vivid mosaic of images which may bring out the multicomplexity and variety in the art of cinema.

Patras International Panorama works as the connecting link between different cultures, as well as a stage where new ideas and cinema trends can appear.

Non-profitable Organization
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26441, Patras

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