Call for entries
Deadline: 21 March 2011

Arteles Residency Program in Finland
Residency period : 1st of July 2011 – 28nd of February 2012

Online application form:

Arteles is calling creative professionals from all fields of visual arts, music & sound art, literature, performing arts, design, philosophy & research to join the Arteles Residency Program.

In the selection process an emphasis is put on the maturity of the applicant´s conceptual approach. We are looking for applications from established professionals but we also like to keep a few positions open for persons without a remarkable creative background or notable education. In this case the proposed idea/approach of the applicant has a significant importance.

The jury is open to raw ideas and long term ‘work in progress’ approaches as we understand that certain projects, especially the ones which need participation by others or which are site-spesific, may change and live a lot along the way.

Future-/environmental-/media-/interdisciplinary-oriented projects & ideas are very welcome.

The future scene of arts; the new and fresh ways to be creative feed our curiosity – the new methodologies, approaches and perspectives… The use and integration of modern day possibilities offered by technology, www, apps & programs (e.g. Max/msp) and by globalization & new lifestyles.

The local environment has lots of natural materials and outdoor possibilities to offer. The region has its own environmental art history through the works of Nancy Holt (Up and Under) and Agnes Denes (Tree Mountain).

For media projects we have some special possibilities to offer such as FM radio and live web broadcasts.

We are also open for couples, collectives and groups. Everything is about the enthusiastic new idea what you will propose.

What we are looking for:

Surprising and compelling project proposals

A strong desire to develop one?s artistic/creative career

Interesting personalities

An applicant who will contribute to Arteles vision and its community