Call for entries
Deadline: 15 April 2011

Summer 2011
New Media Art Residency on a farm in the Catkills
Arkville, New York
United States of America

About Sprouts Society Residency:
The residency program invites artists, inventors and farmers from
around the world to participate creatively within Catskill region’s
working landscape. ASsociety residency program supports the inception,
creation and presentation of original art projects encompassing new
media and bio-art. The ASS residency facilitates cross disciplinary
collaboration for new media artists and farmers with a mobile residency
program that travels to host farms in the Catskills.

2011 Season : FUTURE SEEDS
For 2010 to 2012, ASsociety has been soliciting residency proposals
based on the theme, “FUTURE SEEDS”. This initiative derives from our
urban/rural farming exchanges and explores bio-tronic media art to
connect programming codes and data processing with the natural
algorithms of seeding and growth. Through sensing, cultivating and
communicating with the soil, fields, seeds, plants, bees and animals
via electronic means and devices, FUTURE SEEDS explores a brand new
genre of electronic art that situates artists in the farm land. At the
conclusion of “FUTURE SEEDS” ASsociety will produce an exhibition
and/or seminar with visiting residents and local artists and farmers
reviewing the works created or research generated during the 2010-2012
residency seasons.

For the 2011 season, the ASS residency cottage will be situated on
the Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve(MKNHP) adjoined by the
Goldenheart Unidiversity Farm(GHU Farm).

Andes Sprouts Society
St. Hwy 28 + Cty Rt 38
Arkville, New York 12406
United States of America