Call for entreis
Deadline: 1 June 2011

Artist-run residency HMK {Hotel MariaKapel} invites artists to submit
proposals for our 2012 residency programme.

About HMK
HMK {Hotel Mariakapel} is an artist-run residency and project space in Hoorn, a 15th century town by the IJsselmeer, just 40 km north of Amsterdam. In the old center of the town, in a medieval orphanage with a semi public inner garden and Maria Chapel, HMK receives artists from all over the world.
The programme involves artists and curators working in a wide range of media, focusing on installation and context based
work, video and performance art. Projects are developed both in public space and in the exhibition space. In 2011 HMK is
kindly supported by several local and national foundations.

We offer:
For 2012 we have applications open for four group residencies for artists.
We are looking for projects that make full use of the unique opportunities offered. The longer stay at HMK leads to
intensive (international) collaboration while developing new individual/group work for an exhibition or other presentation
in and/or around the chapel.

We are also keen on projects that do not only focus on art itself but that, in content or practice,
are able to step outside the borders of the art-context.
HMK {Hotel MariaKapel} focuses mainly on collaborations and group-projects (between 3 and 6 artists); the nature of the collaboration is important to us. Preferably you work with artists or others with whom you haven’t (extensively) worked with before.
Proposals must focus mainly on content of the work and the process of working resulting in a presentation in our chapel/exhibition space, please do not propose to exhibit pre-existing work.

Projects must have a strong international component (i.e. cooperation with artists from different countries)

Research Residencies
For 2012 we have applications open for two research residencies.
· Artist(s) with a special interest in public art and or artistic interventions in public space.
· Designer(s) who work on their own initiative (without a commision of a third party) with a special interest in
pushing the boundaries of function and/or the relation between art and design.
For both Research Residencies we are looking for individuals or duo’s (no groups) who seek to spend time on research and
development of their work trough focusing on a self chosen research topic. We are, again, keen on projects that do not only
focus on it’s own topic or medium but that, in content or practice, are able to step outside the borders of their own context.

Things to consider when applying:
When sending in a proposal for an artistic project, please take in careful consideration the context of Hotel MariaKapel.
The context of HMK includes the possibility to work with a group of artists; a small town setting (eg, absence of a big local art scene/discourse); the combination of a locally rooted initiative with exhibitions of national appeal. We strongly advise you to read into the wider context of HMK and Hoorn prior to submitting a proposal.
Accommodation and living facilities are provided for invited artists or artists groups to complete a period of work culminating in a final exhibition in the adjacent exhibition space, or a presentation

For research residencies the facilities are the same, but the presentation will be at a location and in a form that suits the research best.

Residencies vary in length and depend on the nature of the work; we feel between one and two months is a good duration.
The length of the residency is agreed in advance. The resulting exhibitions which are open to the public, usually take place for 3-4 weeks.

Research residencies also vary in length. Most suitable is 4-8weeks in a subsequent period, or spread out in different weeks over 4-5 months. Please indicate in your research proposal your timeschedule and why this suits your research.
The residency includes use of all facilities (private room, wireless internet, shared kitchen, washing machine / dryer, basic
tools, some audio & video equipment ). We can host 8 people in 4 bedrooms, with projects of larger groups and different
residencies overlapping it is likely you’ll be sharing a room.
HMK aims to provide a budget to resident artists depending on individual projects and researches, but advises artists to
secure additional funding elsewhere. In this budget we aim to offer a small honorarium, free use of the guesthouse and its
facilities, possible reimbursement for travel costs and reimbursement of materialcosts.
HMK is responsible for all mail-outs and promotional activity in relation to the shows, which include regional, national and international contacts.

Who may apply:
· artists for a group residency or a research residency
· designers only for a research residency

How to apply:
1. Read our info and application guidelines (above)
2. Fill in our applicationform.
Download the Info Package–>
3. Send your applicationform saved as .pdf and .doc to and use your project name
as the subject. (Also do this when you send in your documentation by regular mail)
4. Sending in your documentation can be done by email or regular mail.

By regular mail:
HMK {HotelMariaKapel}
a.t.t. Open Call 2012
Korte Achterstraat 6
1621 GA
Hoorn (NH)
the Netherlands

If you want your documentation returned, please include a self-addressed envelope and stamps.

By email:
Please add your documentation in the email with your applicationform in a separate .pdf. to
Concerning sending large files, please send anything over 10MB via