Call for entries
Deadline: 15 June 2011

quEAR, the Transtonal Ear Festival:
Call for Audios
quEAR, the Transtonal Ear Festival offers auditory tracks, performances and sound installations that deal with the themes of trans, inter, and queer. Noise is elsewhere. Emphasized are soft sounds. quEAR is a sensitive exploration of the auditory channels, with sounds, voices, tones, melodies, and of course stories.

We want YOUR contribution about trans, inter and queer
topics, ways of life and practices. You could be reading or singing
about your anger, happiness or you could just tell your story from
your trans*interqueer perspective, show a different way from just
being a man or a woman.

Write to us if you want to do a trans*interqueer workshop: how do I
make my own radio play? How do I make my own radio programme? How do I get this sound into that sculpture?

If you have an idea that you would like to achieve with others: a sound installation, a radio feature, a radio play. If you want to present that on the festival, if you want to be live on stage on the festival, if you want to help
organizing it and support the festival please write to:

Further information: