Call for entries
Deadline: 27 July 2011

Fundación Telefónica announces the
Vida 13.2 Art & Artificial Life International Competition,
which for the last twelve years has awarded prizes for artistic projects using technological mediums offering innovative approaches to research into artificial life.

The projects may be based on systems which emulate, imitate or speculate on the notion of life through current research and technology. These systems may involve attributes of agency and autonomy which display specific behaviour, are dynamic, react to their surroundings and evolve, and which question the frontiers between what is alive and what is not, between synthetic and organic life.

Over the last decade, in the same formal space, VIDA has been bringing together inter-disciplinary projects that respond to new development in Artificial Live. By means of formal strategies that defy the boundaries between existing practices, these projects offer new ways of reflecting on what we understand by life.

As in previous years there are two categories to the competition:

In this category Vida 13.2 will award prizes to artistic ALife projects developed after 2009. The sum of 40,000 Euros will be shared between the projects selected by the jury: First Prize: 18,000 Euros, Second Prize: 14,000 Euros, and Third Prize: 8,000 Euros. In addition seven honourable mentions will be awarded.

In this category Vida 13.2 helps to fund artistic ALife projects that have not yet been produced. This is aimed at citizens or residents of countries comprising Latin America, Spain and Portugal. The sum of 40,000 Euros will be shared between the selected projects.

Period for submission of projects: from 11 April to 27 July 2011.

The deadline for submitting projects is 27 July 2011 at midnight (Spanish mainland time zone).

The projects submitted will be examined by an international jury comprising the following members: Mónica Bello Bugallo (Spain), Jens Hauser (France), Karla Jasso (Mexico), Sally Jane Norman (New Zealand/France), Simon Penny (USA/Australia), Nell Tenhaaf (Canada) and Francisco Serrano, Executive Director of Fundación Telefónica.

Queries may be addressed to the FAQs section of the website, by e-mail to