Call for entreis
Deadline: 24 June 2011

Darklight Call for submissions!
Register before 24 June 2011

++ Calling all Irish artist and filmmaking collectives!++
Darklight is Ireland’s premier festival celebrating independent, DIY and artist films. At this year’s festival, we’ll be looking at all aspects of grassroots filmmaking, whether that is crowd funding, production, distribution, alternative screening spaces – we want to hear from you…

Once again Darklight want to celebrate the DIY spirit and are particularly looking to feature groups of artists and filmmakers from across Ireland who come together to work on projects. If you’re a collective of friends / colleagues / community groups / artists / performers / or random folk who’ve met through the twists and turns of life… send us examples of your work for selection at this year’s Festival.

We’re looking for submissions for this year’s Darklight Festival from film cooperatives, film groups and friends across the country. Drop an email to info at darklight dot ie and register your interest before Friday 24 June 2011. Info below!

Submission Information
You can submit your work to us via email or by post. Make sure to include information about how the group came together, what kind of work interests you and who the members are. You can send youtube / vimeo links etc to info at darklight dot ie. Alternatively, you can post DVDs to Submissions,
Darklight Festival, The Factory, 35a Barrow Street, Ringsend, Dublin 4