Call for entries
Deadline: 31 July 2011

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Intertwined arms, self-embracing, reaching across, beyond and back again. A race track for formula one Ferraris or electric toy cars? A number, defeated, exhausted, collapsed upon the floor? Everything is everything, what is meant to be will be? As seen from the heavens: two people kissing? Ying and yang, before they worked out the summarised symbol? Winding roads and hairpin bends? Universal time? The totality of space? A sophisticated chignon? Doubling back on the self, trying to rerun old scenes from a life already lived and passed? A looping riff from some gloomy old blues tune? All the numbers that could ever be counted? Things promised and then revoked? A pair of lips twisted into a snarl? A thousand clichéd tattoos? A doughnut; a diet? A waist cinched into a corset? Forever and ever, amen?
What does ∞ mean to you?
You are free to interpret this theme in any way that you wish, to speak to or against it, to explore or ignore it.

Submissions will be open until 31 July 2011.
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About Itch
Itch is a South African born, internationally relevant online/offline periodical featuring established and up and coming literary talent, as well as a variety of visual and multimedia work.

Submissions are loosely categorised as MetaText (non-fiction, essays, polemic, book reviews and more), SubText (narrative, short stories, plays and more), PreText (poetry, experimental writing, sound art and more) and NonText (graphics, drawings, photography, film, animation and more). Submissions are open to anyone. ITCH aims to create a space for creative expression and exchange; it is an experimental media project for you, and by you. Welcome, and enjoy.

Itch is for you, and by you.

It is a media space that is committed to independent, creative expression.