Call for entries
Deadline: 15 September 2011

manifestaZOOne 2011: open call for the international contest for urban bill-board art
Cuneo/Italy – November 2011

The association Art.ur presents the fifth edition of the Urban Art Exhibition contest, manifestaZOOne. The intention of this project that utilizes public space which has been coordinated in partnership with the international literature exhibition Scrittorincittà (writers in the city) for three years, is to promote communication of socially sensitive issues in the form of large billboards, commenting in a direct and often ironic way on the theme of the exhibition. The objective of the exhibition is to stimulate creative communication to display informative and creative art to the wider public that move daily through the city.

Typically utilized for commercial advertising, the billboard will instead become a space for reflection where the contest message is inserted into in the daily lives of city citizens.

The candidates will need to produce a graphical work to be printed 6 meters by 3 meters.

The winning work or works, at the discretion of the judges, will be printed in the above dimensions and displayed in various advertising billboards within the city of Cuneo as well as three other cities within the Cuneo Provence in November 2011.

The theme that candidates must base their work on is: “SOS-tainable horizons”
It is essential consider the renewable; the need to shift to ecologically sustainable living is urgent; it is fundamental to review our social, economical, individual and collective needs; it is essential to think of new forms of energy and the responsible usage of energy; it is crucial to educate ourselves and others to think and act according to ecosophy; it is important to develop ecological politics.

The winning work will receive a prize of 1000 euros.

Entering the contest is free. The candidate must supply their work in a finished state ready to print following the indications below: