Call for entries
Deadline: 1 October 2011

doc-art project
Online & offline in Kiev/Ukraine in autumn 2011

The name of the project stays above the gist – any document may be an artistic tool for you.

Whoever you are in your day work, .doc-art project suggests you to play about the routine.

Whether you’ve got used to oil and watercolors, pencil or your camera, artistic resources reach much wider. Any substance or tool can became an instrument in the creative hands. Try it on.

How to take part
Make a painting with the help of just text editor tools (MS Word, for example). Use words, lines, forms, colors – whatever! Your idea, though and concept play the main role, not the medium. No matter what application you would use for production but please submit a result as a .doc file (1 page, A4).
note: about submission in other text editor applications please read in a Q&A part.

More details: here –>

Submission is possible on-line

and by e-mail.

The deadline for submission of the works: 1st October, 2011.

All submitted works will be displayed in on-line exhibition upon delivering.
Off-line exhibition will be held in Kyiv (Ukraine) this autumn.