Call for entries
Deadline: 30 August 2011

Salón de Arte Digital – IX Edición – Maracaibo 2010
:: The next 9th edition of this event will be celebrated from October 10 to 12, at PDVSA La Estancia, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Regulations for participating

:: All artists, living in Venezuela, will be allowed to participate.

:: All artists, living abroad, will be allowed to participate as special guests.

:: All artists individually, or as a part of a fellowship, will be allowed to participate in the following categories, achieving the possibility to obtain any of the acknowledgments or rewards, like the award Premio de Arte Digital. Each artist can present a maximun of three (3) works by categorie, in a maximun of two (2) categories


1.:: Printing (Digital Image):

Mechanically reproduced, infinite or limited editions in any media or Print art making. All works of still images treated like drawings, paintings, and even photos in any technique, must be presented printed in a size Super B, Super A3: 13”x19”, (329 mm x 483 mm). It is possible to present an image in a maximun of three sections. The images shoud be sended in a digital file in 266 dpi of resolution.


:: Videoart: Animation 2D, 3D, Flash, Stop Motion.
Presented in DVD or CD, SVCD format, DVD, MPG or AVI compressed or not, but with high image cuality and high fidelity ( 640×480 or 720×480 pixels, including reproduction code if required resolution and image size ). Save only one (1) video in each file.

3.-:: Multimedia: Web Pages, videogames, CD ROM interactive
Presented in CD.

4.:: Music: Presented in CD

5.- Special Projets

:: Inscription fee by Category and Artist: Free for the present edition. You can make your inscription and send your art works in .jpg files to the email :

:: Salón de Arte Digital is not a comercial activity, so participating in the Salón de Arte Digital means the cesion of any author right in relation with reproduction, or exhibition, of any work or project reproduced in this web page, or in any activity of this event like expos, videos, catalogs, brochures, or any promotional material in relation with Salón de Arte Digital.

:: The maximum number of works, by artist, is six. Three works by category.

:: Artists are legally responsable for any legal advise, in relationship wih the authory or originality of his works.

:: E.mail:

postal address:
CARPE DIEM Urb. Sta María C/ 68, # 27-74, Maracaibo, Venezuela
phone: ++ 57 (261) 759 11 08

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:: Author data:

. Complete Name (Name, Surname and Nick, if you use it)
. Country, State, City (Actual address)
. Enterprise or Institution (Where you study or work. Curriculum)
. Professional level (Define your actual status)
. E.mail or contact (Adress – Telephone number)
. More Information (Influences, styles, whatever information you may include)

:: Technical data (One by work):

. Title (Project´s name)
. Sub-category (Illustration, Photo, Webpage, Videogame, Stop Motion, Animation, etc.)
. Time last ( VIDEO)
. Date (Month and year)
. Programs, format, and techcnics used (The most as specific posible)
. Artist´s comment (Optional)