Call for entries
Deadline: 8 January 2012

#Ffffffspace Currently Accepting Submissions

#FFFFFFspace is an internet-based exhibition forum curated by Polina Teif and Shannon Garden-Smith. The name, #FFFFFFspace, is derived from the html code that designates the colour white and is thus an abbreviated form of “white space” signalling its reconstitution of the physically manifest exhibition space of the “white cube”.

While the platform acknowledges its curatorial antecedent of the real-space gallery, it is not a simple transference of the modes of presentation employed therein. Of course, using the term “real-space” to signify what the internet exhibition space is not might seem to set-up a dichotomy between two models that relegates #FFFFFFspace to a somehow “un-real” space. However, in no way does the project seek to negate the existence of online space. “Real space” is merely a convenient term that is the domicile to the curatorial concerns that attend the physical site. #FFFFFFspace is not beholden to the fixity of the physical, and conscientiously operates within the amorphousness particular to the web. The curatorial mandate is to feature works that are all expressly of this space, and can exist only within it. In this sense, #FFFFFFspace as an exhibition platform uses the same means as the comprising art works, instituting an ambiguity between the boundaries of content and context.

#FFFFFFspace is currently accepting submissions to be featured on the website.

Please email your work (or link), a brief statement and bio to