Call for entries
Deadline: 31 March 2012

FESTIVAL FONLAD appeared in 2005 with the aim of promoting the dissemination of digital arts. Virtual exhibitions held on the Internet in several web sites and artistic projects, such as the Web Biennial 2007 <>, the UAVM Virtual Museum (2008-2011) <>, the Fake Festival ( Web Art Center 2010) <> or the Non Biennale (Art Center Web 2011) < / nonbiennale / hmv.html>.
Right from the start there was a concern to extend its scope by developing contacts with various institutions to promote events in physical spaces, both nationally and internationally.

Among the many produced so far, there are the exhibitions “Digital Landscapes” (TMG Gallery, 2009) <>, “Digital Shipyard / Digital Cantiere” (MIDAC Contemporary Art Museum, Belforte del Chienti, Italy 2009) <> and the video installations performed in the Block of the Arts (Montemor- o-Velho 2011) <> and Take C (Casa Bernardo / Bernardo’s House, Caldas da Rainha 2011) < Fonlad11/takeC.html>.

Since 2005 it has been developed several contacts with various international festivals, such as Cologne OFF <>, Oslo Screen <>, Magmart <http://www.magmart. it />, Athens Video Art Festival <> among others.

FONLAD Festival, in its 8th edition aims to celebrate Nam June Paik, Vito Acconci and Bruce Numan, proposing as global theme “Performing Acts”. It seeks to present a body of work that has at its core the record of performances (artistic or not), the body in its many cultural meanings and poses, the registration of events / actions, works that have as a theme or center, the body, he’s move(s), desire(s), anxietie(s), either in the form of video art, video performances, photography or web art.

Dead line for proposals: March 31 2012

Jose Vieira
(Artistic Director)