Call for entries
Deadline: 15 February 2012

We are pleased to announce a call for submissions for the 38th International Computer Music Conference (ICMC). The ICMC 2012 will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is organized by IRZU – the Institute for Sonic Arts Research and supported by the Faculty of Computer and Information Science as well as the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. The event will take place on 9-15 September 2012.

The conference welcomes the submission of a wide range of papers and music, covering all aspects of technical, creative and aesthetic issues around the use of computers in music. The theme of the 2012 conference is “Non-Cochlear Sound”, which can be understood as an analogy to the Duchampian notion of non-retinal art. The aim is to investigate the potential of sound as a medium and further, the potentials of music in conjunction with new technologies to create new possibilities of artistic expression, which could create a closer relation to language and consequentially, enable generation of meaning and production of knowledge. Submissions emphasizing this theme are particularly welcomed and, like in the recent years, ICMC 2012 will again include a piece plus paper category in which it will be possible for such links to be made explicit. The conference will also be programmed to juxtapose paper sessions on particular topics with concerts in which related ideas inform musical works.

Submissions can be made through the conference webstite:

We welcome paper submissions for oral, poster or demo presentation in the (non-exclusive) areas of:

Theory and Philosophy
Artificial Intelligence and Music
Spatialisation Techniques
Live Coding
Mobile Music Computing
Networked Music Performance
Digital Audio Signal Processing
Interaction and Improvisation
New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Languages for Computer Music
Music Information Retrieval
Representation and Models for Computer Music
Software and Hardware Systems
Computer Systems in Music Education
History of Electro-acoustic Music
Composition Systems / Techniques
Algorithmic Composition

We welcome music submissions for fixed media, live performance, or installative setups in the (non-exclusive) areas of:

solo instrument + electronics
ensemble + electronics
laptop improvisation
live coding
acousmatic music
new interfaces for musical expression
inter-media performance
club electro (jazz/pop/dj/idm influenced electronic music)
piece + paper
computer-aided acoustic composition

Important dates:

Submissions open 4th January 2012
Deadline for submissions is 15th February 2012
Notification of selected works/papers will be announced on 1st May 2012
Registration deadline: 10th June

The ICMC 2012 will be held in collaboration with our annual sonic arts festival EarZoom which is becoming a referential international platform for discussing the latest developments within audio technology research as well as critical and conceptual approaches in sonic arts practices.