Call for entries
Deadline: 18 January 2012

The Really Wild Show – SPACE Studios, London

4 residencies for emerging artists working with contemporary technological culture.

4 x one month residencies at SPACE in London between March – April 2012 preceded by a four day residential retreat 20 – 24 Feb.

Borrowing the title from the 1990’s children’s television show, The Really Wild Show sets out a loose framework of ‘wildness’ and its existence in spite of or resulting from technological industry. This is not only the wild-ness of the urban fox thriving off our wasted fried chicken or the explosion of marine life around the waste outfall pipes from Dungeness B. It is celebrities in the jungle and BBC faked wild polar bear births. It is urban Blue Tits performing an ‘avian rap’ or “Ballard’s perverse (but tender) ecology of petrol, blood, semen, crumpled metal” (Sinclair, I, 2010, in introduction to The Unofficial Countryside by Mabey,R, 1972). And whilst we dream of a separate romantic wilderness, it is more and more apparent that nature and technology are not diametrically opposed but evolving together as part of a greater ecology.

We seek proposals from artists questioning the perception and realisation of the ‘wild’ through the very technologies we now use to access and form our world. While it is important that artists are engaged with technology* in their work, we are more interested in how artists explore technology and its shaping of contemporary experience rather than demonstrations of new technologies and their possibilities.

* We define technology as anything from a compost toilet to lasers or RFID technologies.

Jim Prevett
Emergent Technologies Producer