Call for entries
Deadline: 30 April 2012

AVANCA 2012 –
International Meeting of Cinema, TV, Video and Multimedia
20th, 25h to 29th July 2012

AVANCA 2012 is a place full of images, films, workshops, ideas, exhibit, meetings, debates and surprises.
AVANCA 2012 is a meeting with the whole world.
– Fiction and animation short-films;
– Fiction and animation feature films;
– Documentaries;
– Experimental videos;

Only films made after 1st of January 2010 are eligible to enter the competition.

More than a decade bringing together in the summer of Avanca some of the most significant films and authors of the audiovisuals and international cinema production.


Cine-Clube de Avanca


International Competition – April 30, 2012
World Premiere Competition – June 11, 2012
Free registration

1 – Objective
The objective is to trace a global perspective of the contemporary features in cinema, television, video and multimedia.

2 – Conditions of Admission
Works admitted for selection must join the following conditions:
– Be produced after January 1, 2010 b
– Have not been screened in Portugal.
– Not available on the web.

Registrations in the following categories are admitted:
CINEMA: short and feature films in fiction and animation;
TELEVISION: documentaries;
VIDEO: experimental videos of less than 20 minutes;

3. Submission
The works should be registered until April 30th, 2012 (stamp date) with the registration form, sent by e-mail or post. The registration form must be accompanied by pictures of the film and of the director, synopsis and text or list of the dialogues (in one of the following languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish or French).
For the selection, each candidate must send a preview on a DVD or a Blu-ray.

4 – Selection for competition
The organization committee carries out the selection of the submitted works and notices the applicants with selected works. The selection results will be available online on the festival website

5 – Prizes
A prize will be attributed to the best work of each category: Cinema (feature film), Cinema (short feature), Television and Video.
Prizes, among others, will also be given to the best Animation, the best Actor/Actress and the best Cinematography Direction.
In the Cinema category (feature film), since only a maximum of 4 works are selected, all of them will automatically receive a special mention.
The international jury is composed by cinema professionals invited by the organization.
The selected films may be object of acquisition proposals for the Portuguese market (cinema, television and video).

6 – World Premier Prize
Films that have their world premiere in the AVANCA 2012, independently of the submitted category, are also candidates to the World Premier Special Prize.
The candidates to this prize, while submitting their works, should contact the organization by e-mail informing it of their purpose.
The organization will set deadlines for the delivery of screening and display material.

7 – Transport and Insurance of Works
The organization will inform the candidates with selected works and will give out instructions for the shipment of final copies.
The delivery of the works is of the candidates’ responsibility, as it is of the organization’s responsibility to return the film copies in 35 mm and video copies in Betacam.
The organization is responsible for the insurance of the copies from their arrival to their return.

Note: The preview DVD and Blu-ray copies will not be sent back, for they will become part of the Festival Mediateque Archives. We guarantee they will not be used for commercial purposes.
The selected works may be object of non-commercial exhibitions for the festival’s promotion.

8 – Others
Festival languages are Portuguese and English.
Any possible doubt or questions that may arise will be clarified or solved by the Organization Committee.



International Competition – April 30, 2012
World Premiere Competition – June 11, 2012
Título original / Original title: _____________________________________________________
Título em inglês / English title: ____________________________________________________
País de produção / Country of production: ___________________________________________
Ano de produção / Production year: _______________________________________________
Realizador / Director: __________________________________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________

Ficção / Fiction __ Animação / Animation __ Documentário / Documentary __ Experimental __

Língua original / Original language: _______________________________________________
Legendas / Subtitles: __________________________________________________________
Argumento / Screenplay: ______________________________________________________
Dir.Fotografia / Cinematography: ________________________________________________
Montagem / Editing: __________________________________________________________
Música / Music: ______________________________________________________________
Animação / Animation: _________________________________________________________
Actores / Cast: _______________________________________________________________
Produtor / Producer: __________________________________________________________
Companhia produtora / Producing company: ________________________________________
Endereço / Address: ___________________________________________________________
Cód.postal / Zip code: _______________ Localidade / City _____________________________
País / Country _________________ Contacto / Contact person: __________________________
Tel : _______________ Fax: _______________ E-mail: _______________________________
WEB site:____________________________________________________________________
Contacto para vendas / Sales agent contact: _________________________________________

Participação em Festivais / Presence in Festivals: ______________________________________
Prémios / Awards: _____________________________________________________________
Valor da cópia para seguro (em Euros) / Sreening print value for insurance purposes (in Euros): ____________________________________________________________________________

IMPORTANTE – Escolher apenas uma das 3 categorias:
IMPORTANT –Fill in only one of the following 3 categories

Curta-metragem / Short film _____ Longa-metragem / Feature film _____
Duração / Running time: __________
Formato / Format: 16mm ___ 35mm ___ digital cinematography ____

Duração / Running time: ______
Formato de vídeo / Video Format: _____________
Som / Sound: Mono ___ Stereo___

Duração / Running time: ______
Formato / Format: _______________________________________


O seu filme é uma estreia mundial?
Sim_____ / Não______

Is your film a world premier?
Yes____ / No____

(só para filmes portugueses /only for portuguese films)
O seu filme foi produzido ou filmado na região (distrito de Aveiro)? ______

Por favor envie o seguinte material / Please enclose the following material:

– Cópia de vídeo / video copy (DVD / Blu-ray)
– 1 fotografia / 1 still photo (*)
– Sinopse / Synopsis (*)
– Lista de diálogos / Dialogues list (*)
– Curriculum e fotografia do realizador / Curriculum and photo of the director (*)
(*) O envio destes materiais deve ser por e-mail ou em CD
(*) This material should be sent by e-mail or CD.

A inscrição de um filme no festival implica a completa aceitação do regulamento
The participation of a film in the festival implies the acknowledgement and acceptance of all participating rules.

Local e data / Place and date

Assinatura / Signature


Send Submissions and material –

International Meeting of Cinema, TV, Video and Multimedia
Cine-Clube de Avanca
3860-078 Avanca

Tel/fax +351. 234.880658