Call for papers
Deadline: 15 February 2012


Video Pool Media Arts Centre, in association with the University of Manitoba, invites paper and presentation proposals for its conference, “Marshall McLuhan’s and Vilém Flusser’s Communication and Aesthetics Theories Revisited” . Selected papers will be presented at the conference in Winnipeg, May 30 – 1 June, 2012.

Key participants include leading international media and digital culture researchers such as Richard Cavell, Derrick de Kerckhove, Timothy Druckrey, Roy Ascott, Andreas Strohl, Arthur I. Miller Paul Majkut, Mark Dery.

Video Pool welcomes abstracts of up to 500 words for papers, presentations and group panel sessions that address media and communications concepts and processes characteristic of the beginning of the 21st century via the frameworks provided by Flusser and McLuhan. The conference specifically aims at identifying the relevance of Flusser and McLuhan today, as well as at presenting contemporary academic and artistic research influenced by the two thinkers. Papers can present theoretical positions, practical explorations or artist’s presentations.

Video Pool also welcomes proposals for panel discussions on specific topics that engage the conference theme.

“Marshall McLuhan’s and Vilém Flusser’s Communication and Aesthetics Theories Revisited” will hold the presentation of papers and panel discussions at the Cinematheque, Artspace, Winnipeg.

The exhibition will be held at Video Pool and other venues around Winnipeg.

Artworks that will be presented will include: Twenty Six Years Later (a journey to fiction and back again) – Lei Cox by Lei Cox (UK); Disprege Mais by Manuel Chantre (Quebec); Concialbule by Myriam Bessette/Robin Dupuis (Quebec); and Ellice Message by Richard Altman (Manitoba).
The conference programme will consist of paper presentations, across a range of disciplines and modes of inquiry addressing examples of creative communities that have formed around various practices, media and discourses. Case studies, papers and panels, including examples arising from the ELMCIP project and other contexts, will be presented. The conference will be web-cast, allowing for remote attendees to monitor events and put questions to conference via a live public feed, thereby employing mediating technologies appropriate the event. Conference proceedings will be peer reviewed and professionally published.
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Abstracts of papers should be of no more than 500 words .

A biographical statement of no more than 250 words should be included.
Abstracts submission Deadline: 15 February, 2012
Notification of selection February 29, 2012
Full papers deadline April 25, 2012
Conference dates: May 30 – 1 June 2012, Video Pool

Chair: Dr. Melentie Pandilovski

Peer review committee:


Abstracts of 300-500 words to be sent by Feb 15 2012.

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