Call for entries
Deadline: 30 April 2012

Objet d’art

The Councillorship for Culture of the Municipality of Quiliano (Italy) in collaboration with SACS (Space of Contemporary Experimental Art) organize a mail art project, which title is Im[m]agine, about the “objet
d’art” (art object).

Project info Im[m]agine.pdf

Entry Form[m]agine.doc

The theme Im[m]agine allows the artist to spread his/her freest imagination to show the brightest and most wonderful aspects of the mail art. We invite the artists to create a small art object which sixe will not be larger than cm. 30x21x10 (anylarger-sized object will be excluded from the project).
The artwork has to be sent to the following address:
Comune di Quiliano, Località Massapè 21
17047 Quiliano (SV)

Digital art – Video art
As usual, SACS dedicates a section to digital images and videos, too. The theme of this section will be the same as mail art, Im[m]agine, so that the artist will be free to express his/her imagination.
The artists that are interested in digital art must send their digital artwork only by e-mail to the address:
The digital artwork must be in JPEG format with a resolution between 300 and 800 kb.

The entered artworks will be shown in a video installation inside the exhibition space of Im[m]agine and
they will be exposed on the website

The artists that are interested in video art must send their video artwork by e-mail to the address:
The video must be in avi or mp4 format and cannot be longer than 4 minutes. We suggest to insert public domain and royalty free music or personally arranged and composed music.

SACS disclaims any responsibility for the contents and the realization of the videos. The participant who made the video is entirely responsible for it. The artists that will participate to this event must send to SACS a completely filled in and signed copy of the attached subscription form for each section of interest. You can participate to both traditional
mail art section (“objet d’art”) and digital art or video art section.
The artworks must be received by SACS no later than April, 30th 2012.
The exhibition will take place in one of the exhibition spaces of SACS at the end of this summer and it will consist of two sections.
All artworks will not be returned. They become the property of the Municipality of Quiliano.