Call for entries
Deadline:1 April 2012

Undertaking Transmodern: At The Threshold Of The Present Moment

The Transmodern Performance Festival cordially invites you to submit scores, ideas, images, essays, plays, poems, parlor games, recipes, instructions for a performance, etc. for a publication on the theme of TRANSmodern. This publication will work as a collection of musings on the state of being “trans” (as in transcendent, transgressive, translated, transmogrified, transgender, transient, etc.) in today’s cultural and political landscape. We are attempting to define and expand upon these concepts through variant media and disciplines. By approaching these fascinating and complex theories from an array of diverse fields and methods we will more adequately represent the multifarious nature of these theories. The Transmodern Performance Festival is constructing a publication which considers its topic not solely through authoritative textual statements but through the visual and the musical—the questioning and the suggesting.

The book will be a full color, perfect bound book with essays, drawings, paintings, recipes, scores etc. Please consider subverting and inverting these guidelines and expand upon the very premise.

Please include:
-Two sentence synopsis
-200 word proposal (including format, length and content)
-3-5 examples of previous work (texts documents, internet links, or images [2.0 MB or less in size] )

Please e-mail submissions to by midnight April fools day (no joke).

About Transmodern Performance Festival:
The Transmodern Performance Festival is a cultural phenomenon presenting radical, experimental, expectation-defying work from local, national and international artists. The festival represents communities and artist who defy cultural normative practices and disciplines. In 2013 we will expand the performance festival to include this publication to be released at the tenth annual Transmodern Performance Festival. For more information on the festival go to