Call for entries
extended deadline: 20 May 2012

Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival 2012
Tirana/Albania – september 2012

Balkans Beyond Borders extends the submission period until the 20th of May 2012 giving the opportunity to film creators from the Balkan region and beyond to continue their work on their short film. After further consideration and feed-back from prospective participants, the initial deadline for receiving submissions has been extended in order to allow those who wish to send their films to dedicate more time to the production of their films, hence ensuring a better quality of submissions.

Consequently, the 3d edition of Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival entitled “TALK TO ME” will change date but not place. The festival will take place in Tirana and the exact date of it will be announced soon on

The 3d edition of Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival celebrates Balkan diversity, multilingualism and communication. The main objective of the project is to invite and motivate young people to create short films through which they reflect on their region’s past, current and future situation. The aim is to get a better grasp of how they relate to communication in general, as well as to the cultural and linguistic diversity in the region.

“TALK TO ME” is a call-to-action for young people to engage actively. It is about communication in all its forms: either through language or other means of expression. The Balkans are known for their culture, traditions and multilingualism so show us the Balkan diversity that surrounds you in your everyday life. Grab your camera and talk to your parents, your friends, your lover, your neighbour, your enemy, talk to the Balkans and talk to the world. Multilingualism & communication are around us and beyond us. Let them inspire you.

…So don’t lose time and TALK TO ME

More information regarding our activities, events and how to apply for the Festival is available on the Balkans Beyond Borders website:

About the Organization
Balkans Beyond Borders (BBB) is a nongovernmental organisation that using the Art of short film and new media seeks to promote youth mobility and youth cooperation in the Balkans through “dialogue”, “interaction” and “innovative learning”. By joining BBB’s activities the young people from the Balkans, while developing practical skills, learn to coexist, cooperate and overcome “borders”. Balkans Beyond Borders serves its mission in four ways: Film Festival, Workshops, Seminars and Network Development.

Balkans Beyond Borders (BBB) Non-Governmental Organisation
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