Call for entries
Deadline: 21 June 2012

NetWORK in MOVEment is a three-part project that consists of Movement Museum, Body, Breath, Gaze Multi-museum, and Autopoiesis, Transformation, Liminality, Emergence, Presence Trans-museum.

What connects all three NETwork in moveMENT projects is the research of movement as a medium; at Movement Museum we are interested in the performance, but also the performativity of singular movement, movement as such, or pure movement; at Body, Breath and Gaze Multi-museum we are interested in the physicality of the movement – body-movement, breath-movement, gaze-movement – and the potentialities of generating new movement physicality arising from the body, breath and gaze as the singular performance media. At Autopoiesis, Transformation, Liminality, Emergence, Presence Trans-museum we are interested in performative status of the autopoietic, transformative, liminal, emergent, present movement; we would also like to approach and research – autopoiesis, transformation, liminality, emergence, presence – as a set of organic tools for making the singular movement. NETwork in moveMENT tendencies are aimed toward the creation of social network and the possibility of networking by the new language of movement, but also the attempt to make every movement visible.

Open Calls:
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-Autopoiesis,Transformation, Liminality, Emergence, Presence Trans-museum: