Call for entries
Deadline: 15 July 2012


From 15 To September 30

Gino on My Mind

FaticArt Cultural Association (nonprofit) announces a call for “Artists for the Marche” to the promotion and enhancement of Contemporary Art as part of the festival SGUARDI SONORI (LOOKS SOUND). The review will encompass this year an homage to the work and thought of the great Anconetan artist Gino De Dominicis. The artists will be selected
by the direction of the festival with the help of an authoritative scientific committee and will participate in an important group exhibition to be held in the Mole Vanvitelliana 15 to 30 September 2012 which will be published in a catalog. The most significant of those received works will be put on the cover of the catalog that will be printed in 1500 copies.

ART.2-Subject of “Call for”
The Call for the theme “Gino on My Mind” (being dedicated to the artist Gino De Dominicis) and is divided into two sections: video and soundart as described in the subsequent

ART. 3.
For reference you can see this video on YouTube: a good transmission RaiStoria dedicated to Gino (especially the minutes 24 and 27). THE MESSAGE MUST BE DISRUPTIVE, as was the scheleton in the Mole in 2005.
In previous years since 2009 with our meeting with the astronaut Roberto Vittori and Maestro Ennio Morricone we had addressed the issue of SGUARDI SONORI on INFINITY with our project for a Concert for Astronaut and Orchestra INFINITE SPACES. This time the theme is in perfect harmony with the thought of Gino and widens the LOOK SOUNDwill arise in connection with the IMMORTALITY, the COSMIC MAGNET, the ETERNITY,
INFINITY SPACES to testify to the future generation of the Universe the memory of our passage on Earth .

ART. 3 – Technical
The event is open to all artists, regardless of age, sex, nationality or other qualification. Each artist can participate with one or more works well in multiple sections. The following technical specifications:staging same.
Video Art and Animation – videos, films and works with all techniques of animation on any digital and analog. The works will last a maximum of 10 minutes, opening titles and closing credits included. For the exhibition the works are required to send original saved on DVD in high quality and in formats compatible with the most popular reading.
Contemporary Sound Art & electronics – each artist or group can participate with an audio track and / or with a live performance. The request is addressed to all investigators in new sounds, experimental, electronic and electroacoustic music. Students are allowed to interaction designs audio | video. Every single sound track should have a maximum duration of 8 minutes. The live performance will not exceed 20 minutes.

ART. 3 – Required Documentation
The artist must send by e-mail the following documentation:
1 – This Regulation, signed with a legible signature;
2 – the detailed documentation of the work, including:
a) technical work:
– Title and duration of the work / project, author, year of completion,
– Description (max 1500 characters);
– Short CV of the artist (artists (max 1000 characters);
b) images (frames): Max No. 3 with indicated caption. (Video art and animation)
c) digital media (CD or DVD) and any other materials deemed appropriate or
meaningful. (Video art and animation, contemporary sound art & electronics)

ART. 4 – Registration Fee
The participation fee is free of charge.

ART. 5 Stages of the competition
Facts and information you can send an email to no later than June 20, 2012, the answer will be in real time.
Deadline: July 15, 2012.
All documentation must be sent no later than July 15, 2012 to the email address.
The Association will announce the list of artists FaticArt email personally within 30 July2012.
The exhibition includes the publication of a catalog, within which you will publish information about the artist (short bio) and images of the works on display.

ART. 6 Return of the works permitted
The exhibited works will remain present in the archive FaticArt Association.

ART. 7 Liability
The organizers accept no responsibility for any damage to the works caused by tampering, fire, theft or other causes sustained during the period of the exhibition, torage, exposure, the storage and transport.

ART. 8 General
Entry implies acceptance of these rules.
The signing of forms is as liberating for the use of any material posted.
The decisions of the juries is final.

The organization reserves the right to decide on matters not included in this notice or to change due to force majeure, in which case they will be published on the site
Conception, organization and general secretarial
Cultural Association FaticArt
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