Call for entries
Deadline: 14 September 2012

Bi-monthly Arts and Culture Journal
2nd edition: August/September edition


The Call
This is an open invitation for written, video, audio and photographed articles on the subjects of art and culture. Our intention is to bring a wide range of discourses to Malta and to do this we are inviting writers, artists, academics, and the general public to contribute to a not-for-profit e-zine on the subjects of arts and culture. The e-zine is called Gbajniet and it will be distributed through our international networks. Please forward this call!

For issue 2 of Gbajniet we would like to suggest articles that are in review of artistic residencies, whether as an artist, host, or third party, and critical texts relating to this subject of the nomadic artisan and cross-cultural exchange. Though we are still open to articles on other subjects.

You are invited to contribute to this publication, please send your material to

Prepare your articles by removing any formatting that it may have. Send text and images separately:

* Text only can be sent in word documents (.doc), raw text files (.rtf) or text files (.txt).

* Create a folder with your images saved as jpgs. Please don’t compress your images. Compress the folder of images using zip compression.

* Videos and audio should be uploaded to youtube, soundcloud, mixcloud or another website with download options.

If you have any questions you should email us! We are open to alternative media,
this information only forms a guide for what we prefer to receive. Thank you! and be in touch!


* Submissions are preferably in English.
* Don’t format your article.
* We have a casual word limit of 2500 words, try not to write more.
* Try to send between 2 and 20 relevant images with your article submission (images are good).
* Images and sounds should zipped or linked to for download.
* Images should be compressed to 72 ppi.
* Arts and Culture.
* Our focus is on sharing ideas, activities and culture, we will not use articles that are not relevant to our mission :)

This e-zine is called Gbajniet, which in Maltese means little cheeses, and it is distributed across Malta and across the globe through the internet. Gbajniet brings opinions together from all walks of life, encourages cross-practice, cross-media, and international discourses, and the sharing of material from a deep and varied bank of artistic/cultural sources. Through the active support of yourself and others we are able to build a culturally relevant publication that is an earnest reflection of the current global cultural scene (if such a thing exists) and its interests.