Call for entries
Deadline: 1 February 2013

The Santa Fe International New Media Festival
June 14th – June 30, 2013

Call for Entries
All submission materials must be received online or postmarked no later than:
February 1, 2013

CURRENTS 2013, the 4th Annual Santa Fe International New Media Festival will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA – June 14th – June 30, 2013. CURRENTS’ curators look for the unique ways artists use technology as a tool for expression and communication, and ways that scientists, programmers and developers are integrating the arts and aesthetics into their explorations and projects.

The Festival will be held in several venues throughout Santa Fe: the Center for Contemporary Arts, El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, and the digital dome facility at the Institute for American Indian Arts. In addition to exhibitions CURRENTS 2013 offers panel discussions and workshops, and evenings of multimedia performances. Festival events are free to the public.

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This Year’s Categories

Category A – New Media Installations (video, sound, interactive, computer/software modulated or robotic sculpture or computer/software assisted fabrications)
Category B – Single Channel Video and Animation
Category C – Multimedia Performance
Category D – Experimental or Interactive Documentary
Category E – Digital Dome Projection
Category F – Web-art, Art-gaming, Mobile Device Apps (phone, iPad,etc).
Category G – Youth New Media Makers

General Guidelines

The CURRENTS Festivals are produced by Parallel Studios, a 501 (c)(3)
nonprofit organization.

Mariannah Amster & Frank Ragano
Parallel Studios
Santa Fe
New Mexico

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