Call for entries
Deadline: 21 December 2012

Yeah, it´s true.
The world ends December 21st, 2012. Pity.

What´s your last project?
The one REALLY you want to do.
The one you NEED to finish.
You know, THE ONE.

Submit here:


CODA collects unfinished & (im)possible projects.
The apocalypse (and CODA´s deadline) is scheduled for December 21st, so please plan accordingly.
If, however, the world doesn´t end, CODA will manifest itself as an online exhibition and a printed catalogue, with one copy sent to all selected artists.


• You can submit ONE project.
• Submit EITHER a short description/outline of your project OR a digital image (photo, sketch, drawing).
• You can submit in any language, but please be aware that CODA only speaks english and german.
• Please be as funny, sad, descriptive or angry as you like. Honesty (and beautiful lies) are winners.
• You can submit until december 21st, 12pm (CET).
• If the world ends BEFORE december 21st, 12pm (CET), CODA will be just another missed opportunity.