Call for entries
deadline: 16 July 2013

International Wall Painting Competition in Toride/Japan

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[About Toride City and the Purpose of the Competition]

Toride City is famous for Tairano Masakado, a historically famous Busyo during the Heian Period. Toride used to flourish as a post WWⅡ town on the road between Mito and Edo, and developed as one of the suburbs around Tokyo Metropolis in the rapid growth period of the Japanese economy. Culturally, Toride is known as the place where Ango Sakaguchi a novelist and Cai Guo-Qaing a Chinese contemporary artist used to live. In addition, Toride is famous for the Toride campus called Tokyo University of the Arts. The purpose of the wall-painting design competition is to portray Toride City’s Art activities all over the world through the Community Planning Project with Arts and the beautification of the townscape around Toride Station. The prize winner’s work will be painted on the wall of the corridor at the West Exit of the JR Toride Station.

[Scope of Work]

Place to be Displayed

JR Toride Station West Exit, on the wall of the corridor along the railway in front of Ribon Toride Building; height 2.2m×length19.95m.

[Application Method]

(Graphic Data )


Within 2 MB

Resolution 250dpi



The data file name must contain competitor’s name with extension .jpg

Competitor must send the file with the PDF filed entry form. The title must be “Application for the Wall-Painting for Toride Station West Exit”.

In the case of the competitor sending several designs, please put the number after the name of each of the files.

(Paper Drawing )

The drawing size should be 44mm(H)×399mm(W)

Please send the drawing to the specified address or bring the original directly.

Any type of paper painting material is accepted.

Competitor can also use the original painting data for the application, which can be downloaded from the webpage. The entry can also be downloaded from the webpage or collected at the Culture Art Section of Toride Civic Hall.

[Application Conditions]

Open to everyone

Only unpublished works

Competitor can send several designs

The representative’s real name must be filled in on the entry form even if the competitor uses an artists name or group name for the application

[Judging Process]

All the work will be reviewed and selected by the Judging committee at the first screening.

For the second screening, the selected works will be displayed in the city for public election. Please take note of the election process on the webpage or Toride City’s public bulletin.

[Prize ]

One work will be prized.

The prize money is ten thousand Japanese Yen.


Toride Shi Bunka Geijutsu Ka, Toride Eki Nishiguchi Hekiga Compe

5139 Terada Toride City Ibaraki Japan 302-8585