Call for entries
Deadline: 1 September 2014

Visionaries + Voices
ENVELOPE: A Mail Art Exhibition

Theme = Neighborhood. Stomping ground. Neck of the woods. Turf. All
words that can be used to describe your Neighborhood and the things
that make it interesting. What surrounds you? What do your neighbors
look like? What do you hear early in the morning? Who serves the BEST
late-night pizza? Expand our experience of the world through your
words and images.

Rules = No limitations on medium or size. Consider all of the
different parts that make up a correspondence — stamps, envelope, type of paper, contents, your message. And how it opens, unfolds and ways it can be viewed.

Deadline = September 1, 2014
Exhibition = September 18, 2014

Get started now because the FIRST 200 submissions will recieve a
unique response by an artist from V+V! All works received will be
posted once a week at

No jury. No returns. All works will be exhibited, and perhaps
published. Proceeds from sales to benefit programs at Visionaries +

Send your mail art to:
Visionaries + Voices
3841 Spring Grove Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45223