Call for entried
Deadline: 30 September 2014

Call for entries
Without Words Film Festival expects your videos.

The theme of “Without Words Film Festival” 2014 is: “Digital superimpositions”.
(Wikipedia: A superimposition is a trick used in films, television and photography, in which a second shooting is superimposed photographically over a first shooting.
Both shots are on the same fragment of negative film, and are seen one through the other, at different levels of brightness depending on the desired effect).

Regulations :
1) Deadline to send your videos : 30 september 2014
2) There is no entry fee
3) Each author can send a maximum of 2 videos
4) The videos sent must be related to the theme “Digital superimpositions” and must not have been produced before 2012
5) If selected, the author will be asked to send a HD quicktime file by wetransfer
6) The result of selections will be communicated to the artists in November 2014
7) Required information to be sent to :
– Title
– Author
– Length
– Synopsis
– Review link

For more information :