Call for entries
Deadline: 11 January 2015

Open Call For Artists: Bank Space Gallery Exhibition, Cass Faculty Of Art, London

We are a London-based group of five young curators studying MA Curating the Contemporary at London Metropolitan University in partnership with the Whitechapel Gallery. We are inviting artists to submit works for an exhibition to take place on the 13th – 27th March 2015 at The Bank Space Gallery in Aldgate East.

The show will mainly focus on the idea of “screen” and how it influences our everyday experience of and approach to the world.
Since the screen became portable, this unavoidable tool mediates almost every interaction with external reality. Within a world of flat images, we handle and caress screens rather than touch objects, we text instead of talk and we browse instead of ask. The physical “one to one” relation we create with this tool might be inevitably associated with ideas of isolation and uncommunicative attitude. Nevertheless, it functions as our ever-present shelter for facing the world, a beloved solace to us in our endeavors.

Open to all artists working with any media, this exhibition intends to explore our relationship with the “screen” and the impact it has on our everyday life, questioning the extent and the consequences of this reliance through the ideas of memory, simulacrum and identity. We invite you to investigate this “black mirror” as a contemporary, challenging and engaging concept and to go beyond the surface.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday 11th January 2015 at 12pm.
Interested artists should submit the following to with the subject line BANKSPACE EXHIBITION, with:
A copy of your artist CV;
A link to your website or online portfolio;
A brief statement about your work;
Up to 4 images of your work (PDF or JPEG of reasonable size).

Deadline: Sun Jan 11th, 2015