Deadline: 31 January 2016
Call for entries

BASEMENT Media Fest #6 –

contained in this very post is valuable information on how to submit to one of the most exciting and confusing media events in North America – BASEMENT Media Fest.

BASEMENT is an annual, touring program of contemporary low-fidelity moving image work. we charge no entry fees, and the deadline for submissions is 1.31.2016. our entry form can be found here:

if your work is:

low-tech or uncannily high-tech
dead media or unborn media
medium-specific or medium-rare

then send it on down. we have no restrictions on length or content, as long as you feel your work fits our loose theme.

BASEMENT is organized by just three people. these three will watch all the submissions and put together the program. they will also organize all the screenings of this year’s Summer 2016 tour (with generous help from local programmers <3). this is as DIY as it gets, folks. send in your work for a chance to do-it-yourself with us.