Deadline: 31 July 2016
Call for entries

Spain and International/ It is left open without restrictions a call to select, by means of a criteria in which will be valued particularly the experimentation, the innovation and the risk, the creations of all those audio-visual artists who wish that their works are part of the MADATAC/TRANSMADATAC project.

The 8th edition will give a free approach to the concept:


Transhumanism has certified that the canonical representations of the individual have come to an end. At the present time the human thing, like an evolution fugitive, feverishly seeks for its new identity. A trope, from the Greek tropos, defines the substitution of one thing for another, the alteration of one natural state by another, as well as the search for a direction and a sense

This project is dedicated to divulge Video Art, Audio-Visual Art and New Media Art in all its modalities and processes of experimental image-sound interaction, with the aim to disclose to the great public a view of the consolidated artists and offer a platform for all those emergent artists with a future projection who contribute with renewing proposals, avoid conventional visual language and does not find their place in other mass media spaces.


Enty form: