Deadline: 30 April 2016
Call for entries

CÓDEC / Festival de Vídeo Y Creaciones Sonoras 2016
We are very happy! to announce the call for receipt of works of the second edition of CODEC Festival 2016 in Mexico City .

CODEC: Communicating by the use of code units and changing information, you have access to it by the sense of hearing or through sight.

CODEC: It is the acronym for coder / decoder that allows synchronization of video and audio file or you can combine both.

CÓDEC it´s one that approaches, moves, transforms, experience, reflect, transmit, triggers emotions, experiences, world views, criticism of the medium itself, inspires, fragmented, defragments, exalts, irritates, creates, exposes, interacts proposes intervenes, works , dialogues, imagine, fracture, operated, installed, planned, focused, reasoning, questioning, tells, encoding, decoding, notes, recognizes mixture comprises, sync, express and disseminate the moving image and sound in its various manifestations.

Synthesizes and articulates expressive codes from various visual and sound fields which mainly explores the creation of new forms of narrative and visual language. Influence, move and interact in the urban setting is important for us as we converge on the perception of the subject and the combined visual experience from the world of artistic representation and the facts of everyday life.

The Festival celebrate his second edition from 7 to 10 December 2016 , in the heart of México City.

We are a festival / independent shows that self-manages and reflects on the video and sound in its various forms for social transformation and the community.

We seek to create a space where the work of filmmakers, video artists and people interested in visual creation and exploration of sound parameters promote both emerging and established artists, from any discipline.

We establish direct community between artists and the public, fostering the exchange of theuse of analog and digital media, being a non-profit project with the intention of spreading the arts for free.

Here you will find the bases, there is no cost for registration .

You can enroll THROUGH FilmFreeway platform or directly at the following link :


! Send us ur films !