Deadline: 21 May 2016
Call for entries

Altofest 2016
is the space of the beginning, built by uncertain steps and persons waiting in front of the doors of the houses. Here, in Naples, where every moment is lived as the first time, the first sound, the first light. We care about falling in love. Here, where this is possible because nothing is as it seems, here, where no “seems” is known. Here you happen.

Altofest – International Contemporary Live Arts Festival – from 2011 gathers together a growing community of international artists, citizens of Naples and creators of thinking. From the fifth edition, we added experts working in the field of culture (curators, producers), welcomed this year thanks to the support of the International Airport of Naples and to the dialogue with Creactivitas.
The Festival is built with the citizens of Naples who host the works of international artists in their houses and/or private spaces (apartments, terraces, basements, courtyards, whole buildings, artisan shops…). The process is built by experimenting with innovative poetics and aiming to the involvement of places, and with them the system of relationships that are hosted by the places themselves.
The program of the festival welcomes all the expressions of contemporary art, hosting interdisciplinary projects, originated by the dialogue among artists experimenting with original synergies and hybrid praxis. Today their presence makes ALTO FEST a crossroads of diversified languages and experimental aesthetics.

Proposals can be sent online filling the application form at