Deadline: 19 August 2016
Call for entries

Residency Program for Overseas Media Arts Creators Tokyo 2016

■Aims of the Program
This program, as a part of the “Project to Support the Nurturing of Media Arts Creators” organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan (Bunka-cho), is an artist in residence program that provides an opportunity to outstanding young artists in Media Arts (Japanese: Media Geijutsu) including Media Art, Video, Game, Animation, Manga, etc. from around the world to come to Tokyo and create new works while directly interacting with Japanese creators and Media Arts culture in Japan. It aims to promote both the creation of excellent works and a better understanding of Japanese Media Arts.

■Target fields:
Media Arts (Japanese: Media Geijutsu) including Media Art, Video, Game, Animation, Manga etc.
Number of applicants accepted: 3 applicants (TBC)

■Program summary:
a) Creation of a new work: participants will begin a new work while in Japan and present the finished work or one part of a work in progress at the end of their stay.
b) Education/training: participants will present the progress of their work being created as part of the program and will receive guidance from accomplished Japanese experts on a regular basis.
c) Visits/exchange events: participants will visit Media Arts creators and studios and participate in exchange events with artists and students enrolled in art programs at educational institutions.

Application period: June 13th, 2016 to August 19th, 2016
Selection period: Latter half of August, 2016 to latter half of October, 2016
Residency period (select either of the periods below):
a) December 1st, 2016 to March 10th, 2017 (100 days)
b) January 20th, 2017 to March 10th, 2017 (50 days)

■Support provided:
a) Travel expenses
b) Living allowance
c) Travel insurance
d) Rental accommodation (including workspace)
e) Location: Tokyo
f) Expert assistance
g) Opportunity to present work done during residency
h) Opportunities to interact with Japanese creators

■Conditions of participation:
Applicants must:
1) Reside outside of Japan and be a citizen of a country other than Japan.
2) Fulfil one of the following terms:
a) Have received Awards or had their work chosen as a Jury Selection at the Japan Media Arts Festival.
b) Have had one of their works selected at an international art festival, film festival, game show, comic festival or similar event.
3) 20 to 35 years (not definite, as applicant’s previous career will be considered)
4) Be able to speak either English or Japanese at least well enough to communicate in everyday situations.
5) Be in good health.
6) Have access to the equipment necessary to participate in a remote interview (i.e. a computer capable of connecting to the internet and using Skype).

■Application procedure:
Please check the link below for details:

■Contact information:
Project to Support the Nurturing of Media Arts Creators Secretariat

Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan (Bunka-cho)
Office: CG-ARTS (Computer Graphic Arts Society)