Deadline: 19 November 2017, 23:56 UTC+0
Call for entries

Short film/video for hospital project

Adam Castle, director of the Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival (EAMIF), is working with Ginkgo Projects to curate a selection of short films which will be form part of a film library to be shown in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children & Department of Clinical Neurosciences in Edinburgh in order to
distract, relax, engage or focus adult and child patients.
All selected artists will be given £150 (GBP) per film selected for the project. It is free to apply.
Films will often be shown without sound so dialogue heavy films will not be so suitable. This is an opportunity to have your work form part of a vitally important project improving the experience of hospital patients, particularly children, young people and people with learning difficulties.

For inclusion in the project the artist will provide NHS Lothian with a non-exclusive license for the films to be included in the film library permanently.

Patients will be able to watch films projected on to the ceilings in the new Royal Hospital for Sick Children & Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Edinburgh.
This will help patients to take their mind of the often stressful or upsetting worries that can be caused by being in hospital. We are looking for films for a wide selection of age groups, from young children to adults.

Suggested areas include:
• Animation: from cartoon to creative sequences
• Generative Art: automated moving images, often similar to screen savers
• Architecture, Art and Design: with a focus on places in Scotland
• Nature: Biophilic, plants, sky
• Abstractions: shapes, forms
• Journeys: to other worlds, sea, islands, deserts,
• People: watching, crowds, sports etc
• Animals: cats, dogs, or other animals.

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Please read the brief carefully first.