Deadline: 14 November 2019
Call for entries

Naples TelevisiArt 2020
– 12/2019 – 01/2020

entry fee – $10 per video / or 3 for $25
Contact adresses/URL –

KAJ Gallery Contemporary Art of Naples, Florida
is offering video artists the opportunity to win (up to 24) 10 second tv spots on the Naples CBS affiliate television station (Wink TV). International artists are encouraged to apply. It will be determined at the time of judging if artists are awarded more than 1 commercial spot.

The theme is simply Televisiart, and any form of creative video will be considered. Videos should not exceed 10 seconds in length and must be of a certain quality (Please see the section below regarding video and audio specifications).

Juror’s Statement:

Television is one of the most popular mediums for captivating a mass-audience and unfortunately there’s not a lot of pure art being broadcast on TV. The purpose of this exhibition is to provide artists the opportunity to utilize the medium in any way they see fit (of course it must be TV friendly). We’re looking for some really awesome, innovative and cutting-edge stuff, so go crazy in 10 seconds… This is Televisiart 2020!

As part of KAJ Gallery’s one year anniversary, we decided to put this call out there and see what we get. It’s really a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s supported us in our remarkable first year! If this experiment turns out to be successful the gallery will hold subsequent TV opportunities like this in the future. KAJ Gallery is all about putting the artists first and allowing them to explore new avenues of creativity.

The winning entries will run on the Naples CBS affiliate in December 2019 / January 2020. All finalists will have their videos placed on the KAJ Gallery website for the world to see!

Juror: Kosmas Ballis is the Director of KAJ Gallery Contemporary Art, Naples, Florida, and founder of the Visual Hearts Foundation; a non-profit helping visual artists.

Purpose: To provide artists with the opportunity to exhibit their work to a mass-audience via video. Think of it like a pop-up art show that will be seen by tens of thousands of people. Finalists will receive recognition via the gallery website: KAJARTGALLERY.COM.

Objective: To bring art to the masses and to provide video artists with exposure in Naples, Florida and via the Internet.

To apply: Please submit your video(s) to with the words: TV Art in the subject line. Be sure to share your entry files with: If your video is accepted, the gallery will ask you to provide more details about the artwork (before November 28th), and for any promotional material that you wish to share via the gallery website. (Note that all videos submitted to this exhibition remain the sole property of the artist. The gallery reserves the right to use the submitted works for promotional purposes. This applies to accepted videos only). Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply. Artists will be notified via the email provided (before November 24th) to confirm acceptance / non-acceptance.

About KAJ Gallery: KAJ Gallery is located in beautiful Naples, Florida, which has one of the wealthiest demographics in the United States. The gallery is known for showcasing new and exciting art and in finding interesting and innovative ways of presenting art to the public.

KAJ Gallery Contemporary Art
462 Tamiami Trail North
Naples, FL 34102


Video Specifications: (information courtesy of the television station. Please email: for any questions).

HD/SD Spot Submission Policy

1: Submit all HD/SD spots via: (please label your files: EntryNumber / LastName / FirstName
i.e. 1_Smith_John). Again, please be sure to place TV Art in the subject line.

2: All audio must be embedded within the video file. Audio Levels needed for file delivery: -6 db.
3: All spots must be clearly labeled with the format used: HD or SD.
4: Do not include bars and slate with the spot.
5: Include only 2 frames of black before and after the spot.

HD/SD Formats – Preferred and Acceptable

UNCOMPRESSED 8 BIT (not 10 bit)
Upper Field First, 1920×1080, Audio 48khz, Frame Rate 29.97

Upper Field First, 1920×1080, Audio 48khz, Frame Rate 29.97

Upper Field First, 1920×1080, Audio 48khz, Frame Rate 29.97

Upper Field First, 1920×1080, Audio 48khz, Frame Rate 29.97

Upper Field First, 1920×1080, Audio 48khz, Frame Rate 29.97

SD Format –

Lower Field First, 720 x 480, Audio 48khz, Frame Rate 29.97