Call for entries
Deadline: 1 September 2011

In Fall 2011 (Autumn 2011) the 6th International Fest of Contemporary animation & media-art LINOLEUM will take place in Moscow.

Purposes of the Fest
The purposes of the Fest are:
– encouragement and stimulation of creative activity of animators and media-artists;
– popularization of contemporary animation in Russia.

This year the project LINOLEUM announces the selection of works for competitive participation in the 5th Fest on for the first time, which is entitled “Free Fall”.

Nominations of the Fest
The Festival Jury will select four principal nominees during the Fest.

The winner will be awarded to the Grand-Prix of the Fest which is $5000 (USD).

The works on the short-list as well as those recommended by the Jury will be included into the collection DVD, released by the project LINOLEUM.

The total prize fund of the Festival is $10000 (USD).
The Fest will be held with the support of «Michael Tsarev Art Projects».

Selection of Works
The selection of works for the participation in the Fest will be carried out by the Organizing Committee and the Jury.

According to the selection results the names of the authors as well as the titles of their works will be published on the official Fest website in the category \Fest\Participants’11.

Conditions of Selection
The number of works presented by one participant is unlimited. The works are accepted without any strict thematic limitation, but under the common title “Free fall”.

Requirements to the Works
Basic requirements of Organizing Committee to the competitive works are:
– creation period of the work is the years 2010-2011;

– animation portion must be no less then 30%;

– concise description of the work;

– subtitles in English or Russian (if the works are presented in other languages);

– dialog sheets are recommended;

– fill the film questionnaire;

– photos of the director and the production designer, screenshots (of high definition) on a CD (for the catalogue and press-release);

– only the works that haven’t participated in other contests and fests in the Russian Federation can be accepted.

Contact information of the author or studio (short résumé) is obligatory. All the works sent to the Fest are not commented on or returned. The organizers are obligated to reserve confidentiality and the author’s rights of the Fest’s competitors.

Contracts will be signed with all the authors and studios, whose works will be selected for the participation in the Fest.

The reception of works for the Fest will be held till September 1, 2011.

The Organizing Committee will inform the producers (directors) about the results of the selection till September 11, 2011.

Technical Requirements
– the works are accepted in the DVD format (with the exception of mp4);
– the length of the work is not regulated;

The possibility of acceptance of works on the film 16mm or 35mm is to be discussed with the Organizing Committee.

How to Send
The DVD copies of works should be sent not later than on August 25, 2011.

The address is: «Animation Community»; postbox 2, Moscow, 115682.

For any information about the competition and Fest please apply to the organizing committee of the Fest:

Olga Martynenko (

The exact date of the Fest will be published on the website of the project LINOLEUM
skype: linoleumfest