Call for entries
extended deadline 1 Ocober 2011

CologneOFF 2011


In 2012, in Poland and Ukraine the
European Football Championships
will be held showing once again how deeply rooted
football (US- soccer) is in the contemporary society.

Cologne International Videoart Festival

is looking for its nomadic festival project
CologneOFF (2011/2012) – videoart in a global context
1 January 2011 – 31 December 2012

experimental films and video art dealing with
– football (soccer) as an artistic topic,
– the enthusiasm people all over the world is encouraging,
but also not to forget with
– phenomenons like hoogligans, violence or drugs.

Football is a complex social phenomenon which is more than worth to be reflected in new forms of contemportary art.

CologneOFF 2011 – videoart in a global context
is a world wide unique festival project, starting on 1 January 2011 and lasting until 31 December 2012.

Its goal is to show during more than one year in many venues around the globe the diversity of the creative potential of “art and moving images” transported via the global medium of “video”.

More info about CologneOFF 2011 can be found on

CologneOFF is inviting film- and videomakers all over the world
to contribute and submit up to 3 works of experimental films and video art
by using following entry form –>

– Deadline: 01 September2011
– Welcome are single channel videos by film and videomakers from all countries on the globe
– Theme: Football (soccer) and related phenomenons
– The full-length films/videos may originate from the years 200o-2011.
– Excerpts of videos or films are not accepted!!
– Duration: max 10 minutes
– Max 3 films/videos can be submitted.
– Productions using language and/or text other than English need English subtitles !
– The preview copy should preferably be made available online for review and/or download
– elegible: only Quicktime . mov, Windows Media .wmv or Flash video flv (size minimum 640×480 px)
– if no own website is available, alternatively the film can be submitted via an upload/download service, for instance, SENDSPACE – -or PANDO – – both are free upload services , after upload please send the link, and CologneOFF will download the film then.

After selection the artists/directors will be invited to send a hardcopy of the selected video on DVD in best screening quality.

Entry Form – please cut and paste

Please use for each video a new entry form


a) full name
b) address
c) email, URL
d) short bio (max. 100 words, English only)


a) title English – original (max 3 works)
b) URL (Internet address for review/download)
c) year of production
d) duration
e) work synopsis (max. 100 words/submission, English only)
f) 2 screenshots for each submitted work (jpg, 800×600 px)

Please add this declaration & sign it with your full name & email address
I, the submitter/author, declare to be the holder of all rights on the submitted work.
In case the work is selected, I give – until revoke – CologneOFF the permission to include the work in the festival context online and in physical space for screenings /exhibitions and use screenshorts for non-commercial promotional purposes. Until revoke means, that the author can remove his work at any time.

Please use for each submission a separate entry form
deadline: 1 September 2011

Please send the submission either in
plain email text, RTF (Rich Text Format) or WORD . doc as attachment to
subject: CologneOFF – Football (soccer)


Any question?

Please use exclusively this email address for any inquiry
subject: CologneOFF 2011


CologneOFF 2011 – videoart in a global context
director and coordinator

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
CologneOFF 2011
Mauritiussteinweg 64
D – 50676 Cologne