Call for entries
Deadline: 31 August 2011

Transmediale 2012
January 2012 – Berlin

Transmediale 2012: in/compatible

Our thematic call for works is now open! tm.12 postulates that
incompatible beings drive the logic of contemporary cultural
production. We understand in/compatible beings as aesthetic things
and processes that do not necessarily connect on the terms we are
used to.


The too new and the too old are two sides of the same coin: nothing
ever works perfectly. The simultaneous monumental failure and
global ubiquity of technology seems to move us beyond the polarity
of utopia and dystopia.

Instead we are entering the blurred environments of the unadapted, monstrous and “uncorporated”. These increasingly unclear
tension-states between open and closed, military and civilian,
idealistic and commercial are giving rise to a new kind of
“techno-cultural uneasy”. The in/compatible in this context is a
singular moment where it becomes evident that certain technologies
or models of thought are not possible to use in combination.

Artists, practitioners and thinkers engage this imperfect nature of
technology. They give it a cultural shape, developing a critical
reflexivity that responds to the ever-changing social and
economical terrains of the networked world.

More than a failed operation, incompatibility is a matter of
management and ultimately governance of the inherent differences
and heterogeneity of network culture. This means that the
incompatible is not the outside of networks but it is an internal
and constant state of disruption which is totally necessary in
order to enable the “open” state of the never completed system.

Allowing for incompatibility in other words is central to the
capitalist logic of always being “open to business”, predicated on
the constant integration of new areas of production. But this
integrative process is increasingly invisible to the user and even
the producer – especially the “pro-sumers” and “prod-users” of Web
2.0 or cloud-computing. Contrary to this invisibility the festival
wants to raise the question of what happens when incompatible
beings are brought to the fore rather than hidden away in the dark
underbelly of digital culture?

In the common social imaginary of the global network society and
culture it is increasingly hard to discern that which does not
actually connect, differences that matter beyond being exoticised,
integrated or disarmed through the politics of particularisation.

Only certain points of voluntary or involuntary break-down and
disconnection, involving unfamiliar and strange reversals, allow
some of this heterogeneity of net culture to be re-articulated.
Such reversals may involve going beyond the digital and even the
network as the ultimate horizon of cultural production, exploring
new forms of transversal materiality and temporality.


With the conceptual framework of in/compatible we are looking for
artistic works in any genre and format that either explicitly or in
more subtle ways engage the incompatible nature of contemporary
technological cultures. We imagine that these works rather than
anticipating resolution, address, accentuate and invest in the
unresolved tensions across translocal media practices and systems.
In particular we are calling for works that take us by surprise by
not quite “fitting in“.

The selected works will form part of our exhibition as well as of
our screening, performance and conference programme. While there
will be no transmediale Award this year, works may be considered
for the Vilém Flusser Residency Programme, taking the form of a 2
months artistic research residency run by tm and UdK in Berlin.

Works taken into consideration for the programme can be related to
the following keywords and areas:

dissensual aesthetics, hacktivism, operating systems, speculative
realisms, queer technologies, strange ontologies, displacements,
ecologies, psychedelia, glitches, spam, media-archaeologies,
technological obsolescence, haunted media, reverse remediations,
the untimely, erotics, ambivalences, tools, law, anxieties,
confusions, violence, obscurities, junk, addictions, restlessness,
destructions, attractions, accidents, isolation, punk, surrealisms,
aggressiveness, the uncommon, frustrations, spiritualities, risks,
dubious calculations, psychosis, uneven structures, crimes.


Applications are accepted from individuals, groups, or collectives
as well as recognised organisations or individuals acting on behalf
of entrants.

There are no entry fees for the Call for works.

Applicants must agree to the Conditions of Entry, and incomplete or
late entries [Deadline: 31st August 2011 (24:00 CEST / UST+2)] will
not be considered. Entrants must register and use the online
application form only (additional hardcopy or preview materials may
be sent by post/courier ONLY as backup information, not in lieu of
the online applications themselves. Hardcopy materials will not be
returned unless 20 EURO cash has been included for this purpose).
Notification of selected works will be made in October 2011.

• Please read our Conditions of Entry before applying.

• Submit your work using the online form. In order to do so you
must register at the transmediale website by creating your own
personal and unique user account or, if you have registered in the
past, login to transmediale.

Deadline: 31/08/11

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