Call for entries
Deadline: 31 August 2011

// 30 January – 5 February 2012
// Various venues, Berlin

The thirteenth edition of CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Arts takes place parallel to and in cooperation with transmediale between 30th January and 5th February 2012, at various venues in Berlin.

CTM is dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music and sound art, as well as the diverse range of artistic activities and social practices that develop within and connect to those audio cultures. The festival reflects on the agency of contemporary sound creation within the cultural fabric of society and its technological and social transformations. It explores these intersections with other art forms and cultural fields.

With the theme Spectral, CTM.12 dedicates itself to the musical and medial visitations of rejected past aesthetics and their unredeemed utopias or dystopias, the uncanniness of media’s hallucinatory effects as well as the quest for experiences of transcendence. DIY-media-archaeology, the exploration of the deep material structures of sounds, media and archives, the offensive recourse on past aesthetics to the point of the archaic, a visible superimposition of different temporalities, psychotropy, occult media, private mysticism, deception, mundane alchemy or specific forms of negativity as an at times bitter, at times euphoric rejection of the presence – these all provide points of entry into current constructions of reality, to respectively adjure or exorcise the inherent ghosts.

In the past years transmediale and CTM jointly hosted the transmediale Award. For the 2012 festivals there will be no general transmediale Award anymore. This change reflects new directions both festivals want to take and intensify: adopting our thematic approaches early on we aim at curatorial coherence across different program sections and at the same time we wish to engage more directly in the actual production of new work.

Consequently and like CTM, transmediale has published an Open Call for Works, that is tied to the tm.12 festival thematic rather than to the previous concept of an Award competition. The Vilém Flusser Theory Award now takes the form of a residency program for artistic research. For 2012 there will also be no Open Web Award, but transmediale will continue the critical discussion of the politics of open and closed systems in new formats.

For CTM.12 we invite artists, musicians, researchers and activists to submit projects and works that explore aspects of the festival theme as proposals for CTM.12’s music, performance, discourse, workshop or exhibition program.

The deadline is 31st August 2011.

Proposals may be submitted by individuals, groups, or collectives as well as recognised organisations or individuals acting on behalf of entrants. We consider this an informal procedure, meaning that there are no official form sheets or precise conditions. A few things should nevertheless be considered:

– We request entries by › email

– Please do not forget to include your full contact data and a short cv.

– The evaluation by our curatorial team requires excellent documentation of submitted works/proposals. Preview video and audio material must be made available online, either within the artist’s own site or embedded within a community channel. Supporting images and documents (PDF only) may be send by email, to a maximum of 5 MB per submission. Larger documents must be made available online.

– While older works may be submitted, we are much more interested in new works, produced since January 01, 2011.

– Additional supporting material may be sent by post only if essential for preview purposes, not in lieu of the online applications themselves. Supporting material will not be returned. CTM will only accept packages from abroad whose customs declaration forms have been completed correctly. Packages dispatched from outside the European Union must bear the following information: indication of the content plus the note “Not for trade – temporary loan for festival. Value = 0”.

– Submissions must be in English or German.

– You will only be notfified, if the curatorial team considers your work for a presentation within CTM.12. We unfortunately will not have the capacity to respond to all proposals individually. For this we ask for your understanding.

Mail address:
Schönhauser Allee 167c
10435 Berlin