Call for entries
Deadline: 1 March 2012

Ready, Able: A Mobile Literary Project

You are encouraged to submit creative writing / experimental texts to be included in an online exhibition that valeveil is developing, titled READY, ABLE which intends to archive and disseminate flash fiction, sudden fiction, short shorts, very shorts, prose poems, proems and mini-memes to be ideally accessed from one’s mobile device (e.g. smartphone, iPad).

The READY, ABLE project is designed to compliment the reader’s active lifestyle—one that is not always lived from the confines of one’s abode. It aspires to be a poetic archive and investigation into the differences between words as expressions, representations and / or signifiers using a combination of three modes: static text, moving image and sound.

Aside: This project is new for 2012! valeveil will soon have contributions online so you can see how text submissions will, more or less, appear via your mobile device.

READY, ABLE Submission Guidelines
» Send submission materials and related inquiries to: submit [at] valeveil [dot] se
» Please provide your name and project title (e.g., READY, ABLE) in the subject line, providing full contact information in the body of your message.
» Text submissions should be sent as .doc or .rtf – include additional .pdf if particular about formatting.
» It is suggested that text submissions be 500 words or less, in English and/or Swedish.
» Additional details regarding font size and typeface(s) should be clearly indicated, if applicable. The typeface should be: Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman or any font found on the Google Web Fonts page.
» If sound accompanies the text, it must be in .mp3 or .mp4 format, less than 5 MB.
» Name audio file accordingly: ra_lastname_title.mp4 (e.g. ra_smith_apocalypse.mp4).
» Additional required info: 300 words or less artist bio.
» Optional info: personal website and artist links (e.g. blog/facebook/twitter).

Submissions are posted in the order that they are accepted and promptly. Do not hesitate to contact valeveil regarding Q’s/concerns.