Call for entries
Deadline: 2 March 2012

Festival International de la Imagen
VIII Media Art Monographic Show
Manizales, Colombia, April 16 – 20, 2012.

The XI International Image Festival makes a call for the VII Media Art
Monographic Show, which has the purpose of encouraging the creation of works by means of technology as well as favoring integration among design, art, science and technology. Likewise, the show promotes exhibition of collaborative and telematic developments among designers, artists, engineers, social communicators, and interdisciplinary team networks through the exhibition of works built upon electronic or digital videographic supports.

The selected pieces from the VIII Media Art Monographic Show’s call for entries will be exhibited during the XI International Image festival, to be held in Manizales, Colombia, from April 16 to 20, 2012.

Information about participant works in former versions available at

International judges will evaluate the finalist works and will award a special
mention to outstanding pieces in the following categories:

Still Image
Digital images with the purpose of either plastic expression or visual

Digital origin moving images for multiple supports of plastic expression or with visual communication purposes.

Analogic and digital moving images for multiple supports of plastic expression or with visual communication purposes.

Net Art/ Web Design
Art Works that take advantage of telematic networks and databases. Digital
interactive products for web with purposes of visual communication.
Digital interactive products for CD or DVD with the purpose of either plasticexpression or visual communication.

Digital artistic Works that intervene sound and its relationship with other
perceptive elements.

Works Requirements
Submitted Works must fulfill the following requirements:
1. Works must have been produced from 2008 up to the date.
2. The work must be the result of interrelation and exploration of new ways in which electronic and digital technologies créate particular aesthetic
3. By the call closure, works must have been finished as well as working and ready to be shown.
The participation on this call implies the authorization to Universidad de Caldas to show the works during the International Image Festival. The authors will give the permission for using images of that work for diusion and publicity of the event.
The copyrights of the work will be still property of the author.
The works submitted to the festival will not be returned to the senders and they will become part of the Imagoteca (Image Resource Centre) of the Visual Design department of Universidad de Caldas. These materials could be used on educational, diusion and divulgation purposes of Imagoteca, with non-prot purposes. The decisions made by the selection committee and by the international jury will not be open to appeal.

This call is understood as a works and projects show. The festival will not grant cash prizes to the participating works.

Registration and submission process
The works must be registered by their respective author. In the event of a
collaborative work, one person of the team must be assigned to represent the whole group.
Spanish and English are the ocial languages for this call.
When appropriate, the works must be subtitled or doubled to any of these languages.
Registrations of Works must be done at

After registration, users will receive a conrmation mail sent by the Festival
Organization that includes a form in which authors authorize the reproduction of the work registered in this call.
It is necessary to submit two copies of the work, the authorization form for the work reproduction, as well as one up to three high-quality images in order to publish them on the digital and print-out proceedings. For soundscapes, authors must send a picture of themselves.

Proposals must be submitted to the following address:
Convocatoria Media Art
Universidad de Caldas
XI Festival Internacional de la Imagen
Calle 65 N0. 26 – 10
Manizales – Caldas – Colombia
South America

Mail posted until March 2, 2012 but received by the Festival after this date will be accepted.

Works must be sent in High Definition format video or JPG, according to the type of work. Authors must submit 2 copies of each work as well as a CD ROM including registration data.
Works, forms and further information on works will be accepted via e-mail.

Those must be sent to, before 18:00 h (local time) on March 2, 2012.
For the case of posting, the Festival Organization will accept CD
ROMs, DVDs and other digital formats.
For international entries, please certify that the contents are of cultural nature and have no commercial value. The festival will afford neither posting nor packaging costs, nor any taxes incurred by the sender during the delivery