Call for entries
Deadline: 30 September 2012


“Common Ground” is the title chosen by David Chipperfield, curator of the forthcoming 13th Venice Architecture Biennale.
Chipperfield’s statement revolves around the concept of promoting a “vital interconnected architectural culture, and pose questions about the intellectual and physical territories that it shares” with the goal of trying “[…] to develop the understanding of the distinct contribution that architecture can make in defining the common ground of the city.”

Hence, we Architects, as well as Artists and anyone competent in contributing the discussion on the issue, cannot help feeling implicitly called upon, so we believe in a conscious collective involvement.

We suggest here a call for proposals: a personal viewpoint on a fixed theme, presented through a graphic/photographic re-elaboration – a provocative proposition concerning the town of Portogruaro, aimed at being the object of a multidisciplinary “collaboration and dialogue”,
in line with Chipperfield’s vision.

The theme of the bell tower -a meaningful characterizing element of the urban settlement- could represent a valid starting point, a synthesis between argument and counter-argument of the concepts here expressed:

LOCAL,belonging to a specific site and rooted in its specific topical identity, as well as

COMMON, as part of the orientation system in the surrounding territory for those who do not belong to that specific site.

Regardless of the project’s results, the goal here ought to be the understanding and the awareness
of the core message by any user/observer, serving as a pretext for a productive discussion and opinions exchange.

So you are invited to:

1) download the two attached images

2) re-edit these two images according to your own free interpretation of the theme

3) submit the two new images via email to

Deadline to submit the images: 30.09.2012

No participation fee required. There is no Jury. The submitted images will not be used for maketing purposes.
They will only be shared within this project’s context or in connected initiatives. The images will be published
on the promoters’ websites and showcased to the public during events and on the occasion of panel discussions organized within this territory.

Rizoo Group