Call for entries
Deadline: 26 October 2012

Hi)story/ies – Traverse Vidéo –
16 th edition – March 2013 in Toulouse

Often, in the desire of comforting classification, experimental is the refusal of narrative, and conversely by the privilege it accords to artistic symbols.

However, impelled by « making » the experimental, certain proposals emerge. In reaction against regulations, rules, the consensual, they sketch out stories.

In doing so, they avoid decision or completion – in the terrific polysemy – they provoke a palpitation of the senses.

The experimental approach manipulates the desire to achieve a certitude, even if referential fragments, traces of experience are there.

That is why the 16th edition Traverse Video wishes to engage this bipolarity with (Hi)story/ies.

Meetings of experimental practices, Traverse Video program films, videos, installations, performances and photography.

Selection is made :

– For movies and videos: on DVD with synopsis and images,

– Plus, for performances and installations: extremely precise specifications

– and For photography: reproductions with indication of the original format.

A registration form specific to the medium must be printed from our website, and joined to your submission.

We can not send back files if they are not accompanied by a self addressed stamped envelope.

Traverse Vidéo will start March 13, 2013, we welcome your submissions until Friday, October 26, 2012.

Traverse Vidéo
BTS audiovisuel des Arènes, place Emile mâle,
BP 3003,
31 024 Toulouse cedex 03
05 62 13 10 00